ymptoms of Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Early Warning Symptoms of Kidney Stones


It’s bad to get up after midnight suffering from fever, the part of your lower back hurts, plus you feel like that your abdomen is swollen , it is bad; when you have to wake up in order to use the bathroom, it hurts so bad when urinating, you will feel like you will probably pass away , you are one of the lucky persons in 10-percent of North Americans that are suffering from kidney stones, this painful condition happens when forming a small speck of calcium of your own urine, it starts to form in the kidney or ureter the passageway that comes from your kidney to your own bladder and there are a lot of minerals that gets stuck to it in order to form a very small stone that a lot of people who are suffering from it, say that it is really painful, the pain of giving birth is much easier than it, to be honest

Kidney Stones ا

1- Frequent and Painful Urination


There are some of the signs that you need be aware of and one of them is that it will probably infect you all of a sudden, you will feel like there an increase in the urgency and the frequency of the urination, you are going to feel like you want to urinate a lot of times, it doesn’t depend on drinking a big amount of fluid, anyways,, the urine might not be as more as you thought it would be as soon as you use the bathroom, knowing there is not a lot of liquid in your own body to be expelled.

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When you get to the bathroom in order to produce urine, you will probably find that your sex organ hurts while urinating, and this happens when your own kidney moves from the bladder into the urethra sharp this pain occurs, there will be a painful pain happen, the urinary tract infection might be developed by you, (UTI) when the things reach this bad point the kidney stones will go further, you really need to go to a doctor, and you should book an appointment in order to be checked up


2- Spreading Back Pain

Kidney Stones565

The spreading of the back pain is localized it can’t be described, it’s really painful and the kidney stones are accompanied by it from the first phases, it’s said by the patients that they feel it from their back and sides at the beginning, it is under the rib cage where human kidneys exist, it is easy for the pain to go from the lower abdomen down to the area of groin until it reaches the lower back


Pain waves are able to create pain starting from minutes to a couple of hours constantly, but it depends on the location of the kidney stones size, the men who are suffering from kidney stones feel like the pain is ready and able to go in the scrotum and testicles of them,



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