Worst Famous Disasters


The Worst Famous Disasters Ever Happened

Overall the years and despite all of the technology and developments but human beings are exposed to danger at any time, Accidents and disasters and atrocities and all of these bad things are kind of normal for human beings and we are getting used to seeing them and getting along with them, it’s correct that the progress gave us a lot of things for our own advantages but it brought some other disasters, it’s like two-edged sword one of them hurts us and the other benefits us, and the disasters that the human beings went through and will go through this will never come to an end.


 The Interpretation of the Bermuda Triangle

bermouda triangle

There are a lot of people tried to interpret this puzzle and in order to find out about the truth but it was impossible to prove anything, in one of the research attempts about one of the disappeared ships, the information that came in the reports were strange where strange lights were seen on the surface on water all night long, then there was a cloud of darkness for a while above the water.

Then it disappeared, while some people thought about different thoughts as ghosts and devils and it’s an abandoned place and a lot of other thoughts

Some of the scientists went to get to know the main reason for this, it was because of the strong gravity, and electromagnetic fields, and the intensity of wind and waves



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Hiroshima Bomb

Hiroshima Bomb

When the war speaks it forces the humanity to shut up, Hiroshima bomb is an accident of human disasters that came with the second world war in this world, the struggle was serious between Japan and America where Japan and America the second world war cost them a lot in terms of souls and money and buildings, Americans their intention was to throw Japan with the Japanese bomb.

When the morning came the American aviation through the first nuclear bomb on Japanese or especially on “Hiroshima”  they used its population, and after that Japanese refused to give up, so Americans threw another one on ” Nagasaki Prefecture” so Japanese had one choice and it was to give up!


 The Well-known Japanese Earthquake

Well-known Japanese Earthquake

It seems like the continent of Asia is only for human disasters, to be honest, but when we speak about earthquakes the country that comes directly on our minds is Japan, Unfortunately, because Japan is one of the places that is always exposed to earthquakes, but most of the time they are simple shakes with no harms, but some of them are destructive, that was in 1923 when Japan got three of the violent earthquakes ever back-to-back and this caused a lot of damages

But unfortunately the earthquake didn’t come alone it brought a firestorm with it, the earthquake was so bad so much so that it damaged a lot of buildings and the firestorm burnt everything was around it, and the earth was spilt and that caused to kill many victims and fall inside it, that was a very sad and upset disaster…

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