Worst Famous Disasters 2


The Worst Famous Disasters That Happened In the World (Part 2)

Disaster is a word that some people get scared when they hear it but also there are some people are used to hearing these because everyone faces them, but it differs from one to another, so today is part 2 of the worst famous disasters that happened in the world.




(Krakatoa Volcano)

(Krakatoa Volcano) caused a huge explosion which was extremely bad. “Krakatoa Island” was among the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia where this area is famous for the numbers of volcanoes that happen in it, but one day it was fine, and then it started with huge explosions.


After all of those explosions some other huger explosions than it came, but this time the trembling of the earth was much worse where the population felt it and add to that the nozzles of all the volcanoes exploded, everybody thought that this was the end of their life but it was actually the beginning of their life, one of the days, the volcanoes went to their peaks and they disappeared because of the Island.




Great Famine (Ireland)

One of the things that might make you think and wonder about them, is the secret of hatred and hostility between English and Irish people and how it started, if there is the reason of the reasons for this continuous which was still between them, in one of the periods of history exactly from “1840” until the end of the 1940s

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That was an essential food ingredient for more than a million farmers, the potatoes was one of the things that used to give them the power of the day, growing potatoes was a fundamental thing, it was very thriving at that time, Irish people used to depend on eating it, until the “great famine’ came to occupy them, all of the potato crops were infected.

Unfortunately this is what happened in one of the years where August came with rains and moisture that made all of their farms full of water, with providing a lot of water and moisture fungi started to crawl on the crops and spoiled it all around, and the foods were impossible to be eaten, in one of the years growing potatoes was spoiled and the only source for eating was to eat weeds in order to face the hunger and diseases



We all know “Titanic” and most of us know the romantic story of the famous movie but what is its truth, “the invincible genius” is the meaning of “Titanic” and Titanic is the icon of luxury and arrogance, but unfortunately these were the reasons of the “sinking of RMS Titanic” it sank in its first and final trip that was in the 10th of April in 1912.

and it was a very bad day that started with happiness and ended with sadness

it was a really bad historical event, and its design was perfect in the makers of it and  they  added a lot of possibilities in order if something bad happiness, but it sank the same way it sank in the movie

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