Why The USA Has The Largest Number Of Tornadoes


Why The USA Has The Largest Number Of Tornadoes And The Most Devastating In The World


The Univision meteorologist, Eduardo Rodriguez, explains why this phenomenon leaves large areas devastated every year, especially in the so-called “valley” of the tornados,” in recent times, the country has suffered again the tornado attacks, which have already left several people dead and many injured


Every year, around this time, the images of devastation inundate the media: destroyed houses, trees torn up, vehicles destroyed that reveal their destructive force like nowhere else, but does this phenomenon only occur in the United States?, tornadoes are not only formed on US soil ” in the rest of the world, there are tornadoes but nowhere in quantity and intensity like in the United States, ‘ says Eduardo Rodriguez, meteorologist at Univision Canada, for example, also suffers but not so strongly


For this meteorological phenomenon to occur, several elements are needed: cold air and currents in one direction and warm air and currents in another direction, “it’s what’s called a shear,’ says Rodriguez, the atmosphere must have air in one direction on the surface and higher wind in another direction, the opposite of a hurricane, with these ingredients. it helps to form many times a rotation that rises like a whirlpool, which when going from horizontal to vertical and turning, can end up destroying entire neighborhoods


All these conditions exist in the United States, in the so-called’ alley of tornadoes”, formed mainly by the states of Texas Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Lowa, Kentucky, Missouri, part of Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, this is the best place in the United States (and the world) to have a surface drop and find the warm air that comes from the Gulf of Mexico, sometimes the jet streams from the west can have a speed of up to 100 miles (160km) per hour, they have ”

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Tremendous energy”, points out the meteorologist


Tornadoes, Phenomenon of Surprise Destruction That Increases From May To June In The United States


This type of air coming from the west is very heavy, when you reach this corridor, you will find warm air, and that air is the encounter explosive: the hot air tries to rise with great violence and this energetic phenomenon is generated, ‘ its like putting a cork in a tank full of water; when released it goes up with a lot of speed’, explains Rodriguez, Tornadoes are limited to this region, as Eduardo points out, they have also occurred in Colorado, in Georgia or in Florida, but always with less recurrence


As we move away from the Gulf of Mexico, the possibilities are reduced, hence, states in which the minimum possibilities: Vermont, New Hampshire, Michigan… Generally do not suffer these attacks of nature, these phenomena tend to occur throughout the year, unlike hurricanes, whose season runs from May to November, it is true, however, that there is a peak period that occurs between May and June, in the face of its destructive power (in minutes it can destroy everything in its path), what can be done? Can the authorities give advance notice?


It’s not like a hurricane that forms and projects its route, Science has not arrived there,’ Rodriguez laments but he adds; “alerts are better than earthquakes, in general, forecasts can be made about six hours in advance: if there is region where the conditions for their training are given, a tornado warning is launched, in recent days several have been issued in the regions that were finally affected, then, if the radars identify that a cloud begins to grow too much and there is a certain rotation at atmospheric levels, a warning is given for safety

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