why Justin Bieber’s Mom disapproves of Future Daughter-In-Law Hailey Baldwin?

Justin Bieber's

Here is why Justin Bieber’s Mom disapproves of Future Daughter-In-Law Hailey Baldwin

Fans are excited about Justin Bieber’s proposal to Hailey Baldwin and why would not they be the young couple looked great together and seemed to be the fit for each other but it seems that not everyone is super thrilled about the pop stars proposal to young model, Justin’s fans are speculating that his mother Pattie Mallette may not be excited about her son’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber's Mom

Some believers claim to have identified proof that Justin’s mom is upset with their son for proposing Hailey, this is shocking because many people are rooting for their engagement and impending marriage should be successful so family drama may cause problems for a healthy relationship, several social media users observed that Justin’s mom used to have a line in her Twitter bio that read quote (Yes Justin Bieber is my son)


Her pride in having a pop star son is unsurprising which is why fans are shocked when appeared to have deleted the note shortly after Justin and Hailey announced their engagement on social media, without explanation Pattie stopped claiming that Justin was her son and fans are convinced that she has disowned him although it is highly unlikely Pattie has disowned her son Justin, the deletion is leaving many to believe that she is frustrated that her son was so quick to pop the question


Some fans found evidence of this frustration apparently Pattie recently liked to tweet from former bachelor contestant Sean Lowe seemingly calling out rushed engagements well Sean suite was about the Bachelorette, the speculation that Pattie may have liked the tweet because it draws a parallel to where only that being said Pattie could have liked the Tweet for a number of reasons including those have nothing to do with her son had loved his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, so it is possible that she wanted her son to end up with Selena at the same time, her level respect may suggest the respect for Justin’s partner may suggest that she also likes Hailey

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Since Pattie is not super outspoken about her son’s relationship with Hailey her thoughts on her future Daughter-in-Law are still a mystery, unfortunately for fans who are rooting for drama and Justin’s relationship, we don’t know exactly how Pattie feels about Hailey until she openly addresses the engagement that being said there is definitely a room to suggest that Pattie may have thrown a little bit shade at her son for rushing into an engagement, Justin’s fans were certainly surprised to hear that Pattie may not be a supporter of her son’s engagement


Some parents even tweeted their support for Justin’s mom suggesting that there is no way her actions on Twitter intended to publicly embarrass her son, nevertheless, other fans are convinced that there is a deeper meaning to the actions but we are curious to hear what you think dear reader.

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