Why do we enjoy music?

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Why do we enjoy music?

This is a modest attempt to explain why people enjoy listening to music. First, I would like to point out that I am not familiar with the music and do not have a musical background in which I can explain the idea in a technical and musical way. Nevertheless, the article will address the subject of music in terms of brain and physical and may seem to some of the free of the artistic sense, but in fact, the artistic sense and the beauty of music is exactly what I explain and interpreted as a result of brainwork during hearing these sound waves

First, I would like to define some concepts and to lay the groundwork for hypothesis construction

A little about the brain:

Some may ask why the brain rewards itself for its actions. Why not just do it directly without rewarding himself and spending energy in his own equivalent? In fact, this question is the result of a misunderstanding of what the brain is and a single member responsible for everything

The brain is not a single independent organ but a large group of nerve organs that work in concert with each other in order to receive and analyze physical signals from outside and then build the best brain template that helps the body interact with its external environment

The human brain is the result of a process of evolution that took millions of years (approximately 500 million years). As the biology evolved, their need for the greater analytical ability to interact with the ocean in order to survive grew. Some brain segments that have evolved are to communicate among themselves and act as a team whose aim is to keep the system (the body) alive. This communication is the cause of pleasure, pain, sadness, fear and other feelings that we feel at the level of consciousness. The brain excretes dopamine (the fungus) when the vital system performs an action that has been assessed to be of survival benefit

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The brain (the group of nerve organs) communicates with the organs of the body through two methods. One is very fast (neurotransmitter) and has a very fast effect but does not continue to affect long. The second way is through the secretion of hormones through the circulatory systems, which is effective longer but takes some time to act in the body

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In the past, our predecessors had to work all day to get their daily food supplies, but if one found a high-calorie food source (honey, for example), he would not need to work all the time to meet his needs that day. Securing the need for food without having to work throughout the day is very desirable and enhances the chances of survival. Therefore, high-calorie foods have a delicious taste and harmful foods have a bad taste

In the case of delicious food, the brain connects it with a positive feeling that (this work is good repeated). This binding process occurs by secretion of a hormonal signature associated with the act. Whenever our ancestors found honey, for example, remember that it is delicious and tastes good not because the sugar compound has a magic taste, but because the sugar compound provides energy to the body effectively and because the brain linked this reaction with positive hormonal secretion

In addition, the body rewards us for good works, punishing us for harmful works at his discretion

For example, if we do an unhelpful work for our survival, such as eating poisonous or spoiled foods, the brain punishes us and binds this act with a negative hormonal signature and negative action so that we do not repeat it again

When you eat poisonous foods, the brain senses the taste and smell of toxic substances and releases a neurotransmitter that absorbs an unacceptable substance. The nervous system also takes the steering wheel and takes precautionary measures to force the digestive system to produce what has been devoured by an involuntary act called “vomiting.” There are other actions of the brain such as secretion of adrenaline because of his belief that you are at risk but I will not enter all the details in this article

Mathematics, Music, and Brain:

All living organisms compute and analyze large amounts of physical information from outside and interact based on this analysis. Whatever the organism was able to do more calculations and the more the more survival opportunities, the more the development of the brain based on the equivalent of the same when successful calculations correspond to external reality. It is worth mentioning that man is characterized by excellence in the analysis of the brain between the biology, as it is able to draw future templates based on previous experiences, which is itself a part of it. This type of analytical ability is called “self-perception”, which is present in very few organisms and no object reaches the same analytical human levels

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Sound waves that reach the ear are physical information whose frequency and frequency are analyzed and then linked to previous experiences and knowledge. For example, this is the sound of the foliage that I hear means that there is wind and there are leaves. Yes, this information was confirmed by the intersection of the information received from the sense of sight, sense of smell as the brain monitors chemical compounds that match the smell of foliage, and light wind interaction with the neurons on the body confirms the presence of wind. Yes, the mental image is identical based on all analyzed templates. Evolution There is a great importance to my ability to do this analysis quickly and automatically and therefore, there is an internal equivalent mechanism between the brain sections to draw a mental template identical to the outside world


Among the strategies of brainwork music 1is the analysis of information and the search for logical relationships linking this information with each other. For example, we evolved to look for logical relationships within the visual signals that may indicate the presence of objects. The evolutionary reason for this property is due to the importance of monitoring any face quickly that the face means the presence of another object. For this reason, it is easy to imagine the presence of objects within any random group of visual stimuli (pareidolia)

The brain, in general, seeks logical connections between all the information received for it in order to visualize what is going on in the outside world

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The sound is vibrations in the air around us. The ear analyzes these vibrations and embodies this information as a mental image that we perceive as sound. Music is a set of sounds that are embodied in the form of large groups of sound waves, but with their regular frequency, a rhythm in which we can expect these sound waves to change in the future. Sound waves are characterized by other acoustic waves that fall within the frequencies specified in advance and the waves are switched sound within these frequencies specifically. We call these specific frequencies the value of musical marks. Music is a mechanism for issuing sound waves within a specific mathematical relationship based on frequency, frequency, and harmony in the frequency value. Music is a bunch of math’s that reaches our brain through the sound waves

The fun of music at the brain level lies in trying the brain to extrapolate the melody in the future and reward itself when the expectation matches. For this reason, we need to hear the Prestige several times before we start to enjoy it so that we can build the relationship between the musical sentences. When you listen to any music, you perform complex calculations and reward yourself when you expect every musical second before it happens. The best musical moments are when the musical construction is based on the expectation of an upcoming musical string with some suspense until the station on which it was built is actually reached

In the end, I hope this article is a positive stimulus to enjoy more of the sound mathematics and extinguish the extra value of this art that evolved with human civilization millions of years ago

Why do we enjoy music?
Article Name
Why do we enjoy music?
This is a modest attempt to explain why people enjoy listening to music. First, I would like to point out that I am not familiar with the music and do not have a musical background in which I can explain the idea in a technical and musical way.

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