Why 75% of The World’s Tornadoes Occur In The United States?


Why 75% of The World’s Tornadoes Occur In The United States?


The great majority of tornadoes occur in the United States, a country that also has the greatest intensity in it, what happens in this country to be this phenomenon so often?


The United States is very famous for tornadoes, all of us has watched this in the American Movies, including the news and other media, but is it really the thing for so much? Yes, definitely, as shown by the data that was obtained by 2 researchers that are specialized in these natural phenomena, 75% of the tornadoes happen in some particular areas of the U.S.A, Why? That is a good question, so you should try to get an answer, these scientists have analyzed the global climate, and these have been the results


There You Will Find Tornadoes


Certainly, the north of the American continent seems to take the palm in the matter of tornadoes, according to the records, as we explained, 75% of annual tornadoes occur in the United States, an area that represents only 2.5% of the total land area of our small planet, the total incidence in the history of tornadoes is a large extent, located in this country, especially in the region of the great plains, the “corridor of the tornadoes” whose numbers exceed that the sum of several countries entirely


But if we go up a bit more, to Canada, we will find a very similar situation. 60 to 100 tornadoes are denitrified per year in this country. A figure is not negligible although it is only 5% of the total if we go down; however, the incidence of tornadoes begins to fall noticeably.

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The rest of the 20% of tornadoes, worldwide, is therefore found throughout the rest of the world. Europe, in its entirety, together with Russia, accounts for 15% of the annual incidence of tornadoes. But of course, there are many countries among which t is divided. On the other hand, we have four countries, whose incidence of tornadoes is also interesting, although not as numerous: Argentina, Australia, India, and South Africa.


The Fujita-Pearson Scale


In the study, researchers also make references about the intensity and strength of tornadoes, and it counts on many times the damage that they cause, this “force” is measured on the Fujita-Pearson scale for tornadoes, this scale, in turn, measures the intensity that the tornado has according to the destruction, it causes both in the structures and in the surrounding nature, thus, neither the diameter  nor the speed of the wind nor any other parameter of the hurricane itself is taken into account, but rather a group of meteorologists and experts are responsible for evaluating the damage and, then, relating these with the intensity of the twister


Hurricanes, are able to be classified between F0 and F5, being F5 a frightening category, with an accumulated energy that is similar to some atomic bombs, the study reflects some curious facts, such as the fact that the most intense tornado ever recorded in the southern hemisphere was located in Argentina, or that the intensity of tornadoes in Oklahoma

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