What Was The First Mobile Phone In History?

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What Was The First Mobile Phone In History?


in 2018, 54.06 million smartphones were sold worldwide and experts believe that this number will be increased in the coming years. But taking us back a while back, could you tell us. which was the first mobile phone in history and what price did it have? On March 6, 1983, a new phone was breaking into the market, it was the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X, a model that weighed a whopping weight of almost 1 kilo (790 grams to be exact) and had measures of 33 X 4.45 X 8.9 cm, the times we’re going to change, the time came for the first generation of mobile phones and only a few lucky ones could afford the acquisition of these wireless devices

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What Features Did The Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X Have?


Apart From the weight and the aforementioned measures, the telephone:


  • It needed to be charged 10 hours to have autonomy
  • It allowed speaking a maximum of 30 minutes in a row
  • I did not contemplate sending SMS. This functionally would be included in the second generation phones.


For the development of the Motorola Dyna TAC, 8000x 15 years and 100 million dollars were invested and its price in the market exceeded 3000 dollars. Specifically, the phone had a retail price of $3,995 (in 1983), which represents a figure higher than 2,900 euros.


The name of DynaTAC comes from the abbreviation Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage, which refers to the coverage of the phone in any area, its dynamism, and adaptability

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The First Call With Mobile Phone History


Although the Motorola Dyna Tac 8000x became the first commercialized mobile, the first call came 10 years earlier and was made by Martin Cooper, director of Motorola, who decided to call the director of Bell Labs, his main competitor to give an account of the feat.

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In this way, Motorola would dominate the mobile telephony sector during the following years with the launch of new models


Other Landmarks of Mobile Telephony Occurred The Following Years:


  • 1992: The first text message is sent through a Nokia phone
  • 1999: Blackberry appears, a device with which you can manage e-mail and allow access to the internet
  • 2007: Steve Jobs presents the iPhone, phone that would give way to a new concept of telephony.
  • 2007: Google’s Android operating system is presented.


The technology is getting developed day by day, and we don’t know what’s going to happen to the phones in the next coming years, but I think the phones benefit us a lot in terms of everything, there are many people that waiting for the coming new smartphones to buy, like they are totally obsessed with these smartphones, and the price of these smartphones is really expensive, to be honest

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