What Is The Deepest Ocean In The World?


What Is The Deepest Ocean In The World?


The Mariana Trench is the deepest place in the Earth’s crust, more than 10,000 meters underwater where the deepest oceans on Earth? We have to go to the northwestern Pacific Ocean, southeast of the Marianas Islands, near Guam. In particular, it is the Mariana Trench, the deepest place in the earth’s crust, more than 10,000 meters underwater. Specifically, the Challenger abyss, at the southern end of the Marianas, reaches -10,994 meters, almost eleven kilometers of the water column. The pressure is 1,095 times greater than that of the surface. So, so far, it is the deepest place on the planet identified by the experts.


The Average Depth of The Oceans Is 4,267 Meters


The Pacific has an average depth of about 4,270 meters. The Mediterranean is 1,370 m on average, reaching a maximum depth of 5,121 m off the southern coast of Greece. The Titanic, for example, is located at 3,800m, in the North Atlantic


A sea of ignorance


Although our planet is called “Earth”, the earth has little. More than 73% of the surface is covered by seas and oceans. IN them live a million species, some well known, but still undiscovered, It is estimated that approximately only 5% of the abyssal depths are known, where there are unique animals, adapted to extreme conditions. The high background pressure, the absence of light… makes research very difficult, and only on very few occasions has it been possible to descend to certain levels.

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The World Record For Descent In Apnea Is At 214 Meters, But With Oxygen, It Is At 332m


In the year 2012 James Cameron, the well-known film director, went down for the first time in history, inside a submarine, until 11.200m, in the pit of the Marianas


The topography of The Background Creates Unique Spaces


As it happens on the surface, in the deep sea we can find plains, mountains, ridges, pits … The movement of the tectonic plates is responsible for this “underwater geography”,


The Comparison With Known Examples


The highest place on Earth is Everest, with 8,848 meters. If we placed this great mountain in the deepest place, it would be completely submerged and there would still be more than 2,000 left to reach the surface, when we fly in an airplane, we often reach 10,000 meters or more in height when the flight is already stable. All the air that separates us to the ground would be covered with water.




Live In The Depths


The abyssal zone is an area of depths greater than 2,000 meters in which pressures of more than 200 atmospheres reign. The darkness is total and the temperatures vary from -1ºC to 5ºC. In some places these funds are heated by hydrothermal vents, similar to fumaroles, until the end of the nineteenth century it was believed that there were no living beings in depths greater than 2,000 meters and it was not until 1977 when scientists could prove it

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Octopuses, worms, fish; squid … are some of the most frequent species in these places. They keep the body full of water, equaling with the pressure of the environment, although it seems incredible, in these places it can rain. It is an organic matter that falls from the surface and serves as food to countless species. Also, when a marine animal dies, it is likely to end up in these dark places where it will feed



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