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What is Forex?, Important Information

Forex is online trading offers a wide group of financial assets, including the shares and indicators, forex is the company of foreign currencies, in the following forms. CFDs and forex, in CFDs and the foreign currencies, investors can profit from the volatilities of the financial instrument prices.

By buying them with a low price and selling them with a higher price or vice versa, most of the investors benefit from the optional leverage feature, which totally allows them to have a good big exposure of depositing a small sum of money at the beginning, the high exploitation of the optional leverage feature in CFDs and the foreign currencies.

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What Is Forex?

Forex is the trading of foreign currencies, it is the largest financial market in the world, there is a huge number of money being traded every day which is more than three trillion dollars every day, this market is based on trading of the global currencies.

How Does CFD And Forex Trading Work?

The process of forex is about buying and selling (currency pairs) long story short the trader trades a currency in return for another currency, one of the examples of the main pairs of currencies, Euro pairs/ the American dollar/Japanese yen/pound pairs/Swiss franc/Canadian dollar pairs, etc.


How Long Will Forex Positions Be Maintained?

This affair essentially depends on the desire of the trader, but the statistics show that 80% of the processes of trading in forex continue for seven days, and 40% of them finish in less than two days.

Generally, the traders in forex markets close their positions when they make a lot of profits from these transactions while making “stop-loss order” when the loss reaches a specific limit, or when there becomes an available other position, then the trader makes up their mind to transfer their money to it.

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Is The Process Of Forex Dangerous?

The short answer is “yes” except if there are a lot of ways which are possible to use in order to reduce risks, one of these affairs that is taking into account to reduce the risks is trading according to the market analysis.

(Technical analysis of currencies and basic analysis of currencies) are a proper choice for the trading systems, forex signal providers, forex recommendations, trading through automated forex software, but the best way to reduce the risks which is strenuous and long, is to mark enough forex which is related to forex markets.

Before you start trading on a real forex account, most of the experts advise using an empirical forex account for a certain period of time before you start trading with real money.

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What Are The Work Hours Of Forex Market?

Forex market is characterized by working 24/7, “forex day begins” in the city of Sydney in Australia, thereafter it travels to (Tokyo) thereafter, (London) after that (New York) according to the time it works.


What is The Simplicity Or The Difference Between Forex Markets And Share Markets Or Investment Boxes?

There are a lot of mutual affairs between forex markets, and share markets and the other trading markets, but generally, it is possible to say that “forex market” the process of its trading does not last for a long time as the other markets.

Most of the traders in the forex markets do not leave their positions open all night because this affair includes a fee which is called “extension fees” as that share markets are much smaller than the “currency market” that makes learning it difficult.

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