What Is a Tornado?

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What Is a Tornado? Simple Explanation


Tornadoes are formed from very severe thunderstorms and originate in the reaction of large discharges of negative electric current from the cloud formations; do you know how tornadoes form?


As a result of this fact in our website, we will ask you if you know what a Tornado is. How are tornadoes formed? And what are the most likely places to suffer from Tornados? And how big can the damage caused by a natural phenomenon like this? Among other concerns that may arise

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Formation Of A Tornado


The word “Tornado” comes from the Latin tonare, which means “to turn” a tornado is a violent and unpredictable weather phenomenon, it is characterized by winds that turn from a dense, funnel-shaped cloud formation, the width of a tornado can vary from thirty centimeters to almost a couple of kilometers. the speed at which the wind moves inside is not known exactly, but it is estimated that it can reach 500 km/h. it is not strange, then, that at such speed it can drag trees, and cars and houses, etc, fortunately, only 2% of tornadoes exceed 300 km/h


Tornadoes are formed from very severe thunderstorms and originate in the reaction of large discharges of negative electric current from the cloud formations, with the protrusion of the nucleus of the earth, of positive sign, which was the one that initially originated the zone of low pressure, associated with said electrical storm, turning to the left in the Northern Hemisphere, the protrusion or approach of the nucleus, it forms a tornado in the area  of severe low pressure and electrical storm, also turning to the left.

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It is feasible that during the development of strong electrical storms, the protuberance of the terrestrial nucleus that produces the storm, it expands and extends even more towards the crust of the planet due to the great electrical charge that it receives, generating a tornado on the surface, by dragging electromagnetic, a more technical explanation of the phenomenon, recently obtained after monitoring several tornadoes, it is given by the constant fact that at least  in the US tornados, three types of winds always coincided


A wind at ground level, which came from the southeast, another wind at about 800 m from the south, and a third wind on the 1,600 m from the southwest. When facing these forces that began the rotation of the air, when the air is cooled in the highest areas, clouds with electrostatic charges that produce a large amount of thunder and lightning with necessarily being related to the magnitude of the tornado This coldness of the water can also produce huge hail around the tornado, which should be a warning sign


Now you got to know what a tornado is. please tell us in the comment section below if you ever saw one in real life or not, we are happy for visiting us, and we hope it’s not going to be the last time to visit our website, dear reader


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