Types of Furniture

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The furniture is those elements designed and produced to be used in a certain construction or home and it fulfills different functions according to its shape and size their main quality is that they can be easily moved, such as a tables, chairs, beds, light unstable, the furniture is one of the most important things at any home, and it depends on choosing the type from one person to another


According to the style presented by the furniture you can talk about the following types:

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Design: This furniture has very fine finishes and a very elegant appearance while remaining practical


Classics: furniture of this type is characterized by warm colors and its lines are usually rather sober. The woods used are usually dyed and have handmade finishes. In most cases, the cherry, mahogany or walnut is used for its production.


Traditional: this type of furniture is characterized by conservative aesthetic and very elegant details, such as bright and dark woods, asymmetrical design, delicate upholstery and well-detailed curves, among others.


Modern: Furniture of this style has light lines and is associated with minimalism. They are produced to be functional and practical.


Colonial: is typical of farms and haciendas prior to the twentieth century. Solid wood and exotic touches


Pop: They are for a very select taste for their innovative qualities. They are characterized by functional and extremely practical furniture. They usually have bold, eye-catching and highly original patterns and colors. In most cases, they are produced for artistic purposes and some examples are those tables whose legs are very short or chairs with extravagant shapes.

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Baroque: furniture of this style is characterized by complements and recharged motifs, in addition to having numerous shapes and materials that convey heaviness and confusion


Minimalist: furniture with this style is characterized by its scant ornamentation and seeks to be functional within the home, it’s very beautiful, to be honest, and it’s one of the best styles ever


Vintage: this style refers to that furniture that has been recovered and recycled it’s not bad at all; you can use it for your entire home

Furniture s d

Rustic: the furniture that has this style has a folkloric appearance. They convey the feeling of being used furniture, simple or rudimentary


Contemporaries: furniture with this style is those that began to be manufactured in the mid-twentieth century and its appearance is not entirely modern. They have highly defined shapes and elegant curved

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