Types of Car Insurances

Car Insurances 4

Types of Car Insurances

Today we will be talking about the concept of the car insurance, and we are going to clarify the damages that the insurance company affords because each person buys a new car, they need to know more about the point of the insurance thing, and if it is necessary or not, in case there is an accident what are the costs that the insurance affords? So we decided to answer all the questions.

You need to make up your mind about what type of insurance that you really want to your car because no one is going to pay money or an installment other than you, you might think it is not good to do it, but it’s one of the things that will help you feel safe about your own car though


Car Insurances

The Concept of The Car Insurance

The insurance is about a contract which is between the owner of the car and the insurance company, the insurance company is responsible for paying a compensation to the owner of the car in case if the car gets any damages and that’s based on the contract which is between them, in case if an accident happens to the car then the owner of the car has to pay financial installments, these installments might be (annually monthly whatever) it depends on the deal that is between the parties.



Damages That The Insurance Affords

The insurance company covers all the damages that happen to the car, it’s prescribed in the document of the insurance whether those damages are resulting from stumbling into another car or stumbling into solid things like curbs or walls or whatever, in these cases, the insurance company pays a compensation to the owner of the car after giving them the necessary documents that prove what happened!

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Car Insurances

Comprehensive Insurance

The Comprehensive Insurance includes (fire and robbery and self-ignition)

Advantages of The comprehensive Insurance

It provides a maximum protection to the owner of the car, because the insurance is in charge of affording the resulting damages of the accidents, and the owner of the car is not responsible for paying a cent to fix their car at all, this is what the company insurance important for

Disadvantages of The Comprehensive Insurance

One of the disadvantages of the car insurance is its installments are high, there is some time where the owner of the car can not afford it because of their financial status, so that we find that there are a lot of people like to avoid the comprehensive insurance, the comprehensive insurance does not fix all the types of cars because it only focuses on the modern cars, and it does not concentrate on the old cars because they are running out of style, they will probably make a lot of accidents, so it’s up to you at the end of the day, if you really want to do it to ensure your own car or not, but I don’t think there are lots of old cars nowadays, their owners toss them out as soon as they get money

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