Travis Scott Makes Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott Makes Kylie Jenner 1

5- Strict Rules Travis Scott Makes Kylie Jenner

Relationships are all about compromise, and it seems as if Kylie Kenner has been doing a lot of it lately, this new mother has been making some changes at the request of her boyfriend, Travis Scott, we will let you know just what he expects of Kylie,

Travis Scott Makes

Lip Fillers

People tend to concentrate on Kylie Jenner’s dating history, but her most complicated relationship has definitely been with her lips, we saw her on television since she was a kid on keeping up with the Kardashians, so it was pretty noticeable when she underwent a major facial change, for years, Kylie insisted she was simple really good with lip liner, but fans knew something was up, eventually, Kylie confessed she had been using temporary fillers in her lips in order to make them appear bigger and fuller


Birth Control

When a young Kylie Jenner first announced she was pregnant, many people were shocked, but true fans of the Kardashians were not entirely surprised, Kylie Jenner has often talked about her desire to have children and a family and stated her desire to have kids while she is young, although she had previously mentioned she felt 25 was we don’t know whether or not her pregnancy was planned in advance, or a happy surprise, regardless, many people were quick to criticize Kylie for  apparently not being on birth control the ideal time to start a family, apparently she moved that timeline up a bit

Social Media

Prior to Kylie Jenner becoming pregnant with Stormi, we thought we would never see her be so absent on social media, but Kylie shocked us by proving that she doesn’t actually need Instagram to survive, celebrity baby photos are in huge demand from the general public, and sometimes they get more attention than the Celebes themselves considering baby Stormi has the most liked Instagram photo of all time, It’s not surprising fans looked forward to seeing more photos of her, for a while, Kylie was happy to oblige, and we saw tons of adorable baby photos of little Stormi

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The Curse

One of the funniest and most pervasive rumors about the Kardashian family is the idea of the Kardashian curse, basically some people believe dating a member of this famous family is inviting some seriously bad luck into your life, sure, you will get some extra fame, but the consequences just aren’t worth it, of course, the family members deny such a thing exists, and seem to take offense to the implication, this is understandable, but you have to admit many people who have been involved with the Kardashians


Staying Together

When Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott first met, they took a serious risk that could have torpedoed their relationship, the two met at the Coachella music festival and according to Kylie it was love at first sight, but the young lovers ran into a big issue shortly after meeting one another

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