Tornado witness measurement and Prediction

Tornado witness measurement and Prediction 1

Tornado witness measurement and Prediction

Tornado Witness is a body wrapped assassin drained many lives of people, homes, electricity wires, gas lines, and destroyed many land and agricultural crops


The Tornado Witness is an environmental disaster that needs to be addressed and the information needed about it. But what is the hurricane? And how it consists? What are the environmental effects? Many questions and others will be answered in this article dear reader



Tornado witness

Is a column of air wrapped around itself violently, descended from a thunderstorm of black clouds to the earth, and there is no phenomenon comparable to the hurricane in terms of intensity and destruction

So, how does this destructive thing consist?

Tornado witness begins with a thunderstorm but requires other components such as instability, warm air and close to the surface of the earth, and becomes firm when it is far from the ground and cold

Tornado witness measurement and Prediction 4

Hot air rises like an air balloon if it contains water vapor. When water vapor condenses, rain produces water or snowdrops in cooler temperatures. By converting steam from the gaseous state of the liquid, this heat generates an upstream of very strong air known as «Upstream


Tornado witness also needs what is known as wind shear

It is present when the wind moves away from the earth at different altitudes in different directions and this movement is horizontal

As the air blows horizontally, a tube of coiled air begins to form in the atmosphere. This tube rotates in a parallel direction to the ground

The current can change the angle of this tube from the air to the parallel position of the vertical position on the surface of the earth; it now resembles the end of the spinning pin

Soon all the rising currents begin to turn around to create a special kind of storm known as the supercell. Tornado witness starts with a thunderstorm but requires other components such as instability, air being warm and close to the surface of the earth, and steady when it is far from the surface of the earth and cool



Prediction Tornado witness

Tornado witness is difficult to predict, scientists can only know where the hurricane will be, but widely using their knowledge of previous hurricanes

Every twelve hours meteorologists send a ritual balloon to get what is known as the “sounding of the atmosphere

These balloons carry equipment that measures the stability, humidity, and temperature of the atmosphere

The use of these measurements enables forecasters to know whether the cyclone will form or not

The development of weather radars will enable weather experts to schedule the hurricane up to 20 minutes before conventional radar. They can usually set a date for Tornado Witness but before it happens immediately

Tornado witness usually appears on the traditional radar in the form of a “hook echo”, but there are two problems


First: Not all Tornado witness appear in the form of  (Hook Echo)


Second: Some Tornado Witness hits the ground before they appear on radar screens


How to measure Tornado witness

Tornado witness is measured by the “Fujita tornadoes intensity scale

Is a measure of 6 levels so that it starts from F0 and ends with F5

The Fujita scale deduces the severity of the hurricane by the amount of damage caused by it and the length and width of the path it walked

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The Fujita scale estimates the wind speed so it can not be compared with the radar results

The scale was set by Fujita and Allen Pearson in 1971 and is also called the Fujita and Pearson scale; the Fujita scale was adjusted in 2007

The Fujita scale is not a precise gauge that can connect wind speed to the amount of damage but is easy to use and widespread

Note: Tornado witness does not indicate its intensity The large-scale cyclone can be weak – the small-sized cyclone can be strong


Most Tornado Witness stretches for 10 minutes. Major hurricanes extend for 30 minutes

Most hurricanes range from 177 k / h to 76 k / h

Tornado witness with high speed up to 483 k / s

Tornado Witness and the United States

Cyclones have been observed on all continents except Antarctica


It has been consistently observed that Tornado witness is found to be the largest in the United States with 75% of the total global cyclones, with approximately 1,200 hurricanes being monitored each year

The most affected places in the United States are known as the “Tornado Alley”, the mid-latitudes of 30 to 50, called the Great Plains, such as Kansas-Nebraska-Dakotas, some parts of Texas

Given the large proportion of hurricanes that have hit the United States, there is a question to ask who is the biggest Tornado witness


To find out the biggest hurricane we need to define it in terms of

1 – wind speed

2 – a cost of losses

3 – a number of deaths

4 – intensity Tornado witness

5-View Tornado witness


These are some ways through which you can know who Tornado is the greatest witness

Tornado witness measurement and Prediction 2

The most violent Tornado witness in the history of the United States

The lives that are caused by hurricanes are often caused by storms and associated floods rather than winds


Do not underestimate low-level Tornado witness because the fifth-level hurricane was not among the five worst hurricanes in the United States


Tornado witness The Great Stone – The Great Galveston

This Tornado witness occurred in 1900; the worst hurricane hit the United States of America, with a death toll of between 8,000 and 12,000 people

The Galveston storm arrived on September 8 and was a fourth-level hurricane with storms ranging from 8 to 15 feet. The death toll was due to a lack of storm warning

Typhoon Okeechobee-Okeechobee

This Tornado witness occurred in 1928. It was the second-worst hurricane in the United States, with 2,500 to 3,000 deaths.

Most of the deaths resulted from the high water level in Lake Okeechobee from 6-9 feet and the area surrounding the lake was flooded

This occurred in Tornado Witness in 2005. The third-worst hurricane hit the United States with at least 1,500 deaths

Tornado witnessed the United States Katrina in three different places

The first location was in Katrina near the Miami-Dade / Broward County line in Florida

Where rainfall fell by 10-14 inches

The second location was in the Gulf of Mexico after passing the Florida Hurricane Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico until it arrived near the town of Boras / Louisiana – Buras, Louisiana

He then struck again near Louisiana / Mississippi as a third-level hurricane

Katrina storm rose between 25 and 28 feet

The third location is the Mississippi coast, where the cyclone was located along the Mississippi coast and the rains reached between 12 and 18 inches

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The highest cost hurricanes in the history of the United States of America


As previously mentioned, it is a misconception that the lower level hurricane is less dangerous. Tornado witness is more dangerous. For example, Hurricane Katrina is one of the heaviest Tornado Witness hits to the United States


Hurricane Katrina – Katrina

The first hurricane in terms of the cost of damage and the value of damage to the approximately «108 billion dollars

Several buildings were destroyed, along with other damage lasting several miles. The storm broke and destroyed the dams in the New Orleans area, flooding most of the city and its eastern suburbs

Tornado witness the second hurricane in terms of the cost of damage in the history of the United States; Happened in 2012

Where the damage amounted to nearly 71.4 billion dollars

Nearly 286 people were killed and most of the damage was caused by the cyclone that hit the densely populated areas of New York / New Jersey

The wave of storms that struck New York was “flooding the streets, tunnels, subway, destroying public services.” Damage has occurred in the United States – Bermuda – the Caribbean Islands




Cyclone Ike

The third hurricane in US history hit the United States after hitting Cuba – the Bahamas – Turks – Caicos – Haiti.

Estimated at $ 29.5 billion, the hurricane killed at least 195 people. Tornado witnesses

The highest in terms of wind speed in US history

Meteorologists use sustainable wind speed The wind speed must remain constant for a minute to be sustainable winds to determine the level of the hurricane

Wind speed is estimated by damage to speed recording devices

Note: Actual maximum wind speed cannot be determined because of Tornado witness

Destroy all wind speed recording devices

This Tornado Witness occurred in 1969 recording the highest wind speed reaching 190 m / s when it hit the Mississippi coast. This is the highest wind speed recorded around the world

Mississippi and Colombia recorded a sustained wind speed of about 120 miles / h




Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew ranks second; with a wind speed of about 167 miles per hour when it passed near Florida

The wind speed of this Tornado witness was estimated at this time by comparing cyclones with the same pressure readings due to the scarcity of recording tools at this time




Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey’s assessment is still underway, but there is some preliminary information that allows comparisons with the largest Tornado witness in US history

This comparison will be based on “number of deaths – a cost of damage – wind speed

This comparison is preliminary and of course, will change when more accurate information is collected




The number of deaths

At least 63 deaths have been reported, according to CBS News

Cost of damage

The physical costs of Hurrican as published in The New York Times on 1/9/2017 are estimated at $ 70- $ 108 billion

These numbers made him second in terms of the most expensive hurricanes that hit the United States

Wind speed

Hurricane Harvey was in fourth place at wind speed when he hit Tornado witness in Rockport on 25/8/2017

The sustainable wind speed was about 130 miles

This speed recorded by Tornado Witness made him out of the group of the five fastest hurricanes in the history of the United States

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Tornado witness touring the world

Although 75% of hurricanes occur in the United States of America, 25% of the total number of hurricanes is still not to be overlooked and taken into consideration



Canada is second only to North America in Tornado Witness, with 5% of the total

This is not surprising because it is often associated with the cold and rural natural analogy and therefore experiences a strong hurricane season from mid to late summer from mid-June to July-August

In the Tornado witness, the United States is heading from south to north to the south of Canada where plains and pastures such as Alberta-Saskatchewan-Manitoba

Canada has about 60- 100 cyclones a year, estimated at the Fujita scale at about F / EF0- F / EF2

The number of deaths in Canada is lower than in the United States

First: Places where Tornado Witness is free of population

Second: Houses are stronger to withstand extreme climatic conditions

Thirdly: Tornado witness does not occur in Canada



Unlike Canada, America’s neighbors to the south have no impressive history with hurricanes

Mexico is characterized by a wet and tropical coastline near the coasts and an arid climate within the continent

The main reason for the scarcity of Tornado witness in Mexico is that it lies very far from the mid-latitudes 30-50



If Europe were to become the second country in place of Canada, the scientists confirmed that Europe occurs every year about 300 Tornado witness



Although most do not belong to Europe, they have the largest proportion per year because their large size contributes to the occurrence of Tornado witness

Cyclones are prevalent throughout the town but are weak and a large number of hurricanes are not reported


United Kingdom

The UK is thought to be tornado witness if Russia does not exist within Europe

It has about 30 hurricanes a year but most of them are wearing



Although the annual rate is very low 10 cyclones per year, it is located near the heart of the strongest hurricane zone in northeastern France towards Poland

Also, the possibility of Tornado witness along the Mediterranean coast is very high


Tornado witness measurement and Prediction 3


Tornado witness The most violent history in Europe

First: In Malta in the cargo area of Armada in 1551 killed nearly 600 people

Second: It happened near Sicily in 1851 killed more than 500 people



Occupying third place after both the United States and Canada, it has a good history with devastating hurricanes

This town is not famous for its violent Tornado witness despite its high death rates

The reason for this is the higher proportion of the population than Canada, which places many lives on the path of perdition; The town also suffers from high poverty and poorly prepared homes to cope with the hurricane

In fact, death rates reach 30 people per Tornado witness

The reason for the occurrence of Tornado witness in Bangladesh is the geographical situation. On April 26, 1989, a cyclone killed nearly 1,300 people



There are many articles that say Tornado Witness does not occur in Australia but this is a legend

Many meteorologists have confirmed the occurrence of Tornado witness, but it is not reported by the capture of uninhabited places

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