Tornado disaster Around the world

Tornado disaster Around the world 1

Tornado disaster Around the world

Tornado disaster Around the world … successive disasters are killing thousands

As Florida prepares for the expected Tornado disaster strikes, state equipment as well as the Tornado disaster around the world and the resulting tragedies


The world has been busy since late August following the Tornado disaster, which began to hit Central America, the Caribbean islands and parts of the United States mainland, especially in Texas and Florida, as well as more damage forecasts as the current Tornado disaster continues.


However, Tornado disaster is not a rare or strange phenomenon, but is expected in many places, and has long been in the trajectories and hit many areas around the world, but in the Arab region, and caused great destruction time after time again.

Tornado disaster Around the world 4

But while the United States, for example, suffered from the Tornado disaster of 1900, which killed 12,000 people, especially in Texas, the worst hurricanes in our day do not harvest such casualties in areas with emergency plans, both in terms of planning Civil response or relief.


Tornado disaster

In the Arab region, a cyclone is known as “Gonu” hit the Arabian Sea in June 2007, coming from the Indian Ocean. It continued throughout the first seven days of the month, moving from one coast to another causing destruction, floods, and victims. The loss of life was estimated at 54 dead and more than 30 missing.

Tornado disaster is repeated again in 2010, 2013 and 2015 and is expected to visit the region again, as it has been since 1977, but the difference is that its 2007 visit was the strongest.


Globally, Tornado disaster is one of the strongest hurricanes in the United States and has already caused 64 deaths and major financial losses in August. Preceded by Tornado disaster almost a year ago that hit the Caribbean Sea and the United States and caused more than 600 deaths. Hurricane Patricia hit Mexico and other parts of Central America in October 2015, causing 13 casualties.


Turning to Asia, Tornado disaster hit the Philippines, Micronesia, China, and Vietnam in 2013. Its damage was concentrated in the Philippines, killing 6329 people and missing 1,074 others, most of them in Thailand. It also has a direct impact on the lives of 11 million people, most of whom have no shelter.

Also in Asia, particularly in Myanmar, which is currently the scene of repression and displacement of the Rohingya minority, Cyclone Nargis hit the center of the country in April 2008, with Tornado disaster140 dead and missing. The peak of Tornado disaster was in Myanmar, although other countries were affected, such as India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.


Back in America, specifically Florida, which awaits Tornado disaster in local time, and Louisiana, they were hit by the Tornado disaster in August 2005, killing more than 1,800 people, in addition to financial losses of $ 108 billion.


Indirect losses Tornado disaster

Of the victims of Tornado disaster are directly hit by the first strikes on homes, facilities, and vehicles, but others fall in the wake of hurricanes, especially older persons and persons with motor disabilities who are delayed evacuation from centers and hospitals. The latest Harvey Tornado disaster has already caused a number of deaths due to medical delays in some emergency cases due to flooding and oxygen disruptions with power outages, leading to the death of older patients.

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The dead and injured in Tornado disaster are not the only ones. There is also a lot of impacts, from loss of property to change the lifestyle of the population, without forgetting the diseases that spread after each Tornado disaster, especially those associated with pollution and water.


While Tornado disaster is different from one region to another in preparedness capacities, early warning systems, evacuation and relief efforts, almost all areas are vulnerable after the disaster to the spread of certain diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that the most prominent diseases following the Tornado disaster that hit the Indian subcontinent, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central America, and Africa are cholera, malaria, watery diarrhea, dengue fever, and leptospirosis. Which happened in Haiti last year after the Tornado disaster, “Matthew”, with more than 200 cholera cases responded by the World Health Organization to send more than a million vaccine against cholera. FAO routinely responds to those symptoms associated with Tornado disaster, including indirect symptoms such as loss of vaccines due to damage to the local health sector. After hurricane Hayan, it vaccinated more than 30,000 children against measles and polio in the most severely affected cyclone.


Florida awaits Tornado disaster

These days, the United States is obsessed with the Tornado disaster, which the media called the “monster hurricane”. With time running out for people trying to flee to other states or areas away from South Florida, the US National Hurricane Center raised the alert in eight areas of South Florida, A direct goal of the hurricane and that the lives of people there are at immediate risk.

But the warnings are not confined to the areas near the coast, but it is expected that the water rise due to floods may reach more than two meters in some areas not located directly on the coast, which means that the streets may turn into rivers, as happened in Tornado disaster

Harvey. The latest projections indicate that the floods will not be confined to Florida but may reach Georgia and South Carolina.

Tornado disaster Around the world 2

Florida has announced forced evictions in some areas. More than 650,000 people have been evacuated, the largest evacuation in that area and schools and universities have been closed. Residents trying to get out of South Florida to their north or to other states face long hours of waiting on very crowded streets, requiring 10 hours to cut the same distance they usually travel in 3 hours.


On the challenges facing the Florida authorities with regard to evictions and preparations, the director of communications at Florida Emergency Management Unit Alberto Muscoso said: “One of the main challenges facing the authorities in the presence of a large number of older people living in Florida in general and South in particular. A good number of these people need special health care. ”


The authorities had asked that elderly people in need of special care be accompanied by a person who cared for them if they decided to go to shelters that were specially opened for them. Because there are not enough staff and volunteers to look after them. At the same time, officials point out that shelters vary in their specialties and meet different needs. There are shelters that allow people to come with pets, but the responsibility for providing food and water rests with their owners. There are also shelters for persons with disabilities and their needs.

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Yet another danger looming over Florida is the skyscraper skyscrapers. “The authorities have to keep the cranes in the streets and the construction work because dismantling them and evacuating the area from them may take seven to 10 days,” says Mr. Scuzu. “The cranes are designed to withstand winds of up to 220 km per hour,” he says. What is worrying is that Tornado disaster is moving at speeds of more than 250 km / h and is expected to maintain that speed when it hits the coast of Florida.

The authorities appeal to the entire population to evacuate those dangerous areas and declare that the survival of any person therein is his sole responsibility. The authorities warn those living on the upper floors to stay and rely on the idea that this protects them from flooding, as these floods will lead to power and water cuts. Also, the Tornado disaster will hit the upper floors strongly, and if the buildings are not well equipped, the risk of injury increases.


The biggest danger is Tornado disaster

Experts are also concerned about the overcrowding of buildings and the high population to about six million, in South and Central Florida. Hurricane André hit Miami and southern Florida in 1992, leaving 65 dead and 65,000 homes destroyed. After Hurricane André, authorities in Florida have taken many steps to improve infrastructure and architecture. They have become tougher in building codes, making buildings, windows, and roofs more resilient to Tornado disaster. But about 70 percent of the buildings were built before 1992, many of which were not reconstructed in line with these new building standards.


Tornado disaster also presents another challenge to architecture and infrastructure. Experts say that Tornado disaster and wind speed are alarming but the greatest danger and destruction is from flooding, especially that the level of water off the coast of Florida has risen in the last two and a half eight centimeters, due to global warming and melting faster.


But, what leads to this Tornado disaster originally? According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), hurricanes are the most powerful and violent storms. It is a powerful storm formed over the warm waters that call tropical, tropical or helical Tornado disaster upon formation. Hurricanes need several elements to originate, the first warm water over the ocean when the water temperature is close to 27 degrees Celsius for the 50 meters above the surface of the ocean. The second element is wind. In the case of a Tornado disaster, which is created over the Atlantic Ocean, the wind blowing west on it comes from Africa, which is its main nutrient. When these winds pass over the surface of the ocean, the water evaporates so much that the steam rises to the top, amid continuous cold air, and enters the process of accumulation increases its height. However, the charge is increased by water vapor and accumulated clouds. Those clouds are the beginning of Tornado disaster.


Floods caused by Tornado disaster swept through Houston, Texas, on Sunday, forcing residents of the fourth largest US city to flee their homes by boat or search for safe havens in anticipation of unprecedented rain for several days, according to experts.

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Harvey arrived at the beach late on Friday as the strongest Tornado disaster in Texas for more than 50 years, killing at least two people.


“What we are witnessing is the most devastating flood in Houston’s history, with unprecedented levels of rainfall,” said Steve Bowen, chief meteorologist at En Enfield Reinsurance.


Forecasts indicate a high precipitation of up to 127 centimeters in some coastal areas of Texas by the end of the week, which is the average rainfall for a year.

Tornado disaster is still about 170 km from Houston and is expected to move slowly toward the city on Wednesday.


The magnitude and strength of the storm brought to mind the Tornado disaster Katrina, which swept neighboring New Orleans as a Category III hurricane in 2005, killing 1,800 people.

The number of natural disasters that have hit the world since the beginning of this year has increased dramatically, with almost no more than a week passing without Tornado disaster, many of which have caused dozens of casualties.


Perhaps the most prominent Tornado disaster that hit various parts of the world since January 2018 so far, earthquakes and volcanoes, along with hurricanes and forest fires.


Since the beginning of the year, the world has seen at least three floods in the United States, including California, Nevada and Washington, involving seven African countries, and Australia and Sri Lanka.


From the Tornado disaster witnessed by the world, waves of cold weather swept across the coasts of Central America and Western European countries, in addition to Tornado disaster, hurricanes and massive forest fires in the United States in particular.


Thoran recorded volcanoes in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Guatemala, Hawaii, and Iceland, as well as at least nine major earthquakes in Hawaii, Alaska, Java Indonesia, Osaka, Japan, Peru, Papua New Guinea, and others.


The earthquakes have destroyed buildings and cities and destroyed villages. Thousands of acres of trees and crops have been burnt, not to mention the buildings that stood in the way of these fires, which Tornado disaster has also done, causing property and property damage.

Tornado disaster Around the world 3

The effects and effects of Tornado disaster are unforgiving and unmeasurable, especially when victims are human beings and the destruction of personal property, where human suffering persists long after the disaster.


Because of Tornado disaster and its great risks, it is essential that we remain aware of the worst disasters, especially the recent ones, in view of environmental issues and issues.


The latest Tornado disaster is the earthquake that hit Japan’s Osaka region, preceded by volcanic eruptions in various parts of the world, notably the volcano of Mount Fuego in Guatemala, the Kelowna volcano in Hawaii and the dust storms in India that killed dozens and the Papua New Guinea earthquake (About 160 people), the Mexico earthquake, the earthquake in Taiwan and the California fires.


The attached epiphany lists some of the highlights of the Tornado disaster that rocked the world this year, knowing that there are many disasters that are not listed here because of their abundance.

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