Tires H / T, A / T, M / T, Do You What They Mean?

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I’m going  to confess it,  I was one of those people who thought that the tires were just identical rubber threads that turned the streets of the city without importance; it was very difficult for me to notice any difference between them, however, now I know that these are divided into categories according to their properties to travel on different grounds; it is for this reason that today I will explain each of these categories so that they can better buy the tires for your car, or start an interesting conversation in the future. Why not? Let’s take paper and pencil


There are many types of tires, but we must know that these are classified into 3 main groups: the H / T or Highway Terrain, the A / T or all Terrain and the M / T or Mud Terrain; each with specific characteristics.


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Tires H / T Highway Terrain

Do you remember that I told you about those little rubber threads? Well, those are the tires that usually carry the cars of the city and from now on we will know them as the “Highway Terrain” These tires have been designed to travel without any problem on the asphalt, even on roads, without presenting considerable wear


Among the most relevant characteristics of this type of tires is its ability to adhere to dry and wetlands, wherein the latter it is able to evacuate water through its channels quickly. On this last point, perhaps when we walk we do not notice that the tires have engravings of different shapes, we will call this the tread; for the H / T, this styling is not too aggressive in a way that will allow us to achieve good speed without leaving aside the optimal response to braking we need in both straight and in curves

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The Highway Terrain tires, apart from being very versatile, offer their users quiet traction and in many cases, a contribution to the reasonable consumption of fuel due to their low rolling resistance



A / T All Terrain Tires

If you are a person who walks in the city day and night in the car but also goes out to the outskirts frequently, this is the type of tire you need, why? It is very simple; because the A / T or All Terrain tires, are characterized by having a tread of their tread with wider and stronger studs, which allow them to adhere to the ground with greater force, remember that in this case it is not just asphalt, but of earth, sand, stones, among others


It is very important that we know about this type of tires that when they travel on the asphalt, are usually noisier than H / T, making the journey less comfortable for passengers, however, even so, there are those who buy them only for its adventurous aspect


The rubber compound used in the manufacture of this family of tires is denser so it will provide greater traction force preventing your vehicle from skidding; it is considered to be designed to be used 60% on asphalt and 40% on uncovered terrain

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Tires M / T Mud Terrain

This type of rims is easily identifiable, because its design is robust, with aggressive tacos in its tread that allow it to travel on the roads without any problem. With this type of tires we can cross swamps, rivers, whatever comes to mind without suffering severe damage to the rubber compound of the tire, which, among other things are much harder than that of the two previous categories

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One of the main differences between the M / T and the H / T and A / T, is the distance of the tacos of the tillage, which conserve this space to avoid the accumulations of residuals of the land, which if they were not evacuated, they would remove the tire from their excavator property making it completely smooth


Mud Terrain tires should be driven at low speeds because they are much noisier than the others, without forgetting that maneuvering them on asphalt can wear them out considerably. The investment with this type of tires is usually higher than with that of other categories so they must be properly cared for keeping them away from heat and pavements


Now that we have reviewed the different types of tires available, do you know which one is the most suitable for your car?

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