This is The Truth Behind K. Michelle Getting Blackballed

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We are going to talk About K. Michelle and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Now K. Michelle took a hiatus from the Love & Hip Hop franchise to focus on her music career but she returned back to the franchise this year, and I found some of her scenes quite interesting, to say the least, she got a heated argument with this artist named Lyrica K. Michelle was upset with Lyrica for arriving over an hour late to her show


And she called her out on it, but K. Michelle like always takes it too far, now K.Michelle also did a scene with Lyrica’s husband a one who is a producer and when K. Michelle was talking about his wife he went off on K. Michelle brought up a very interesting tidbit that K. Michelle was blackballed from the radio


Now I thought this scene was very interesting for other reasons than the drama, honestly he brought up an interesting fact that K. Michelle was blackballed by Radio  which really did affect her album sales, now before she got blackballed K. Michelle had a very thriving career to be an R&B artist in this era is pretty difficult but she was able to break through on the Billboard charts her first album rebellious sold it well  it is also her follow-up album anybody want to buy a heart did fairly well too


A part of the reason why her albums did well was because K. Michelle was a huge personality on the Love & Hip Hope Atlanta so people recognized her and she grew her fan base from there and she left the Love & Hip Hop franchise to pursue her music full-time and everything was going smoothly however in 2016 it was reported by radio one executives that K. Michelle was blackballed from the radio for missing some very crucial performances

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She bailed out on several radio promotional events while she was in Washington DC and when you bail out on shows with no notice a lot of money will be lost and a lot of money was already lost, and because of that they blackballed her music from 55 different stations in 16 markets across the country and that was a huge hit to her career, and on the top of that K. Michelle had some bad press during the rollout of her third album more issues than both

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She came on The Breakfast Club to do an interview she actually got into it with Angela Yee because she was upset with Angela for bringing up her name during an interview at Maino Murda, in that interview, they said that K. Michelle female parts were stunk, and that made K. Michelle go off on Angela Yee because she felt like Angela was the one who provoked the conversation in the first place


There is so much negativity that kind of overshadowed the promotion of her third album, and K. Michelle felt defeated at that point, in fact, she went on sway in the morning and she was breaking down crying because she heard the news that she got blackballed

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