The World of Fashion


Every contemporary female that is interested in the fashion, and the latest fashions in order to look more gorgeous and be attractive to her husband and on the top of that the fashion is like number one for women, and they are always struggling to be the best ever



The World of Beauty And Makeup

Women follow a lot of a number of basics in order to be attractive to her boyfriend/husband and to people as well, some of these basics.


It is a must to carefully clean the face before putting the makeup on, and that by using (Toner) it is a good product that helps to wear the makeup off, just add some of it on a piece of cotton and then apply it on your face and keep on rubbing it until the makeup wears off, and you can also use a moisturizing gel in order keep your skin much better, but do not bring it under the nose, it is better to use a brusher while applying it


Regarding the (eyeshadow) you start applying it in the inner sides of the eyes and apply (the eyeshadow) under the eyebrows but it is preferable not to use a dark level of it, you better use a lighter level


When it comes to lining the eyes whether using a brusher or the pen, you should draw a very thin line that is almost close to the thread, you should smoothen the drawing line by rubbing it by the tip of the fingers, use the mascara in order to get a better color regarding the eyebrows.

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when it comes to coloring the eyebrows, you should be aware of removing the access hair, then you can start coloring it smoothly and with some good touches, when applying the lipstick, you should apply it starting from the upper lip from the middle of it back and forth, after that start doing the same the lower lip.




Every woman should choose the suitable outfits depending on her body shape in order to be attractive and to maintain her own beauty, and that is by the following tips


If the woman has a body that looks like an hourglass, that will be definitely perfect, because this shape is one of the best shapes for women, where it is very attractive and it gives the woman attention, it allows her to wear whatever she wants and that is because of the perfect body, when it comes to wearing skinny pants, it’s mind-blowing to be honest, and what fits them is short dresses where their slim legs show


The woman that her body is shaped as an apple, where it’s characterized by the upper part that looks fatter than the lower part and the best color for them to wear is black, because black color is the king of colors by the way, they should better avoid wearing transparent clothes, and women will be more beautiful using accessories

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