The Weirdest Things and Creatures On Earth


The Weirdest Things are

This article contains some of the weirdest things on earth, in the ocean in some places, and a lot of other mysterious things that will surprise you



 Goblin Shark goblin-shark-

This type of fish live in the dark places at the bottom of the ocean, it has a weird and scary look, which is totally different than the normal sharks, as it has a different color as well, some people say that this part which is above its head helps it to find where it goes including the electromagnetic radiation it makes, as it is difficult to see it because it lives and dark and black places.



The Island of Dolls


It’s located in south Mexico, it has the regions of forests that contain trees that grow up with scary heads of dolls, so it’s normal to grow up from the branches of the trees, it’s said that there was a little girl died in this island, her corpse was found nearby a canal, there are rumors saying that happens because of her, and she is the one that makes these heads of dolls grow up.



Guatemala City Sinkhole


This horrible hole is located in Guatemala, it was made by the resulting floods from the tropical storm Agatha in 2010, its depth is 90 Meter and width is 18 meters, and it swallowed a house with 3 floors including a security guard, this sounds very sad, to be honest.



 He Pulled Over To Wipe the Mist Off of His Car

“Jackson Wright” was going to New York with his wife “Martha” and they started driving from New Jersey, they had to pass through the “Lincoln Tunnel”, at the other of the tunnel “Jackson” had to pull over in order to get off the car to wipe the mist off of the windshield to be able to see and drive his car, and his wife got off the car in order to wipe the mist off of the rear glass as well,


He looked behind to see if she has finished or not, but he did not find her, she suddenly disappeared in seconds, there was no place to hide herself, her husband kept searching for her, but he couldn’t find her so he called the police, the police did some investigations but they also didn’t find her, she simply disappeared, she has not appeared so far


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