The Truth of The Bermuda Triangle Has Been Discovered

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The Truth of The Bermuda Triangle Has Been Discovered


The truth of the Bermuda Triangle could have been discovered, this is a myth that has been repeated and passed from mouth to mouth for decades, since in 1951 the first references to a “triangle of the devil” appeared, a supposedly dangerous area for ships that had to be avoided at all costs. As usually happens in almost all similar myths, in this case, everything started with a real fact because several ships had been shipwrecked in that area in a short period of time: trying to find an explanation for that tragedy, some yellow and sensationalist press writers began to spread the idea of a cursed place.

The Most Dangerous Area On The Planet


The term “Bermuda Triangle” was not coined until 13 years later, in 1964, but the concept soon fell to the general population, which was hungry for mysteries; and if they happened nearby, better than better, thus were born many books, movies and series with the happy triangle as bad, to the point that the question was not if the area was as bad as they said, but what mysterious powers could have caused these misfortunes.


As its name indicates, the Bermuda Triangle is an area located between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami; if we join the three points we will obtain a triangle with the sides of almost the same length (between 1600 and 1800 kilometers), which helped to promote the crazy theories. Soon the reach of the triangle expanded beyond the ships, and suddenly there were reports of planes that had suffered accidents or that had vanished, such as the well-known Flight 19, five bombings piloted mostly by novices who disappeared into the sea.

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A Place As Dangerous As Any Other


But is the Bermuda Triangle really such as a dangerous place? it depends on how you look at it, Yes, it is true that many wrecks and accidents occur in that area, but there is a very important fact that must be taken into account: that area is one of the most maritime traffic in the world, and hundreds of boats pass by every day and ships that do not suffer any kind of problem. So the simplest answer is that more incidents occur in the Bermuda Triangle because more ships pass through there; it’s a matter of pure statistics, the more tickets you buy, the more chances there are for you to touch. But is that the whole truth?


The Truth of The Bermuda Triangle


Scientists at the University of Tromsø in Norway believe that, after all, there may be something in the Bermuda Triangle that is causing more incidents than normal, take off that aluminum cap from your head, because these scientists do not want to reinforce any conspiracy theory, but instead have found a perfectly plausible answer: the gases of the earth. No, not those “gases” although in a way we could say that the flatulence of our planet is behind the Triangle


The explanation is that the Bermuda area would be Especially rich in deposits of natural gases and that when they escape from the seabed they can cause turbulence in the navigation of ships, and in the worst cases, they can cause a shipwreck.

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It is not a new concept, but these scientists have found indications that it may be the answer we were looking for: craters about 800 meters wide and about 45 meters deep on the seabed. In theory in those craters before there were large reserves of methane gas, which eventually escaped from these containers and rose to the surface.


It must be clarified that scientists have found these craters in the Barents Sea, in northern Norway, but the study states that similar gas reserves could be the source of problems in the Bermuda Triangle. In fact, it is well-known that there are important methane deposits in the Bermuda area. If this is the reason behind the history of the area or not, it is not something that we can say with absolute certainty, but if it is confirmed it can be a very important advance in its study.

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