The Tornado Season In The United States Is Now Open


The Tornado Season In The United States Is Now Open


The tornado season began! This is what they are experiencing during this month August in the United States, month in which the maximum occurrence of this spectacular meteorological phenomena is observed and whose season goes from April to the end of August, observing a great increase in the frequency and intensity, particularly in the plains of the center-south of that country but, what happens in the North American country that activates this type of phenomena? Where else on the planet do they register? What happens in Chile?


Tornadoes are among the most destructive natural events and their occurrence is not limited to any specific geographical location, being documented on all continents, except Antarctica.


In the case of Chile, we have the occurrence of “tornado-type” phenomena, which have occurred mostly in the central and southern areas of the country, particularly between the Region of Araucanía and Los Lagos, in Argentina, quite a lot of tornadoes also occur, some of them with quite large levels of destruction like the one registered in the Province of Santa Fe (called tornado San Justo) in 1973, which reached intensities of winds equivalent to an EF-5 category (scale that measures the damage caused), this level is being the most devastating


In Europe, the record of tornadoes is not strange either and they are visualized mainly in the countries with the Mediterranean coast, only 2 months ago a tornado crossed the countryside of a city in Germany, while in Asia, there are the highest mortality events, specifically in Bangladesh, whose most devastating tornado destroyed two cities in a few minutes, leaving more than 1,200 people dead on April 26, 1989.

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United States: First Undisputed Place


But if you had to name a country with more records in the world, that would be the United States. The numbers guarantee it. They register nothing more and nothing less than around 1300 tornadoes a year, which is equivalent to 75% of the world total, a condition that does not happen at all unnoticed by its frequency, intensity and how destructive this country is,  more than 50% are registered during this season. Since 1950, 59 tornadoes of category EF-5 have been registered, of which only 10 have been formed outside of this period. These tornadoes reach wind speeds above 320 km / h, causing the destruction of almost everything in its path.


The American Season: To Hunt


Due to the high frequency of tornadoes during the April and August period, and the destruction they cause, the tornado season was established, this allows the population to get used and take precautions to this situation that every year charges dozens of victims, however, while a large part of the population takes refuge in underground and seeks to safeguard, there is a group of people trying to get as close as possible to the tornadoes: meteorologists


These hunters, rude scientists with a “degree of madness” follow these giants that are destroying everything they find in their path. Its objective, in addition to witnessing extreme weather in its entire splendor, is to perform all kinds of atmospheric measurements, as well as to study the meteorological condition that arises at the time of its formation

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