The Strangest Presidents That Ruled the Untied states of American

Ronald Reagan


The president of the united states are related to a lot of strange events and stories, and over the history of the united states of America it got many of men that their autobiography was related to many strange stories, let’s get to know some of the stories.

1- Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy

There’s a big similarity between “Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy” they are similar to each other unbelievably, in 1846 “Abraham Lincoln” was elected in order to be a deputy in the American house of representatives for the first time, and “John Kennedy” was elected to be a deputy in 1946 for the first time as well, and the difference between the dates is one century (100 years).

Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy

And in 1860 “Abraham Lincoln” was elected to be a president of the united states and after one year of being president, there was a police officer named “John Kennedy” who failed to assassinate the president “Abraham Lincoln ” knowing that the police officer has the same name of the pervious president “John Kennedy” which was elected in 1960, the difference is 100 years as well.

“Kennedy” was president while one of his four sons passed away, his age was two days, and “Lincoln” was president while one of his four sons passed away as well!

Lincoln was assassinated in Ford’s theater and “Kennedy” was assassinated in a Ford car which is a (Lincoln Brand) their wives were with them as well.

There’s a strange coincidence related to the age of both of their wives they passed away at the age (64)

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2- John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams was the son of the president “John Adams” which is the 6th president of the history of the United States of America, according to many reports, he liked so much going to the well-known “Potomac River”

John Quincy Adams

and he used to swim naked

It’s said that “Adam’ was not the only president of the United States of America that liked swimming naked according to the journalist  of New Republic, the presidents who liked doing these are (Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy)




3- Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter the 39th president of the United States of America submitted a detailed report about a strange body that he saw in the sky’ and after many years of this accident,

Jimmy Carter “Carter” used this research about this mysterious body as an essential part of his successful election campaign in 1976, and he said that he has talked about this before for fear that this would be a threat for the national security.

4- Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Suffered from talking in front of the audience and he gave two speeches only throughout his presidency.

5- Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States of America, he was so obsessed with astrology and horoscope, and he depended on them to define the appointment of his swearing-in when he was appointed as a ruler of California State in 1967, His wife took this obsession of doing the same after the failed try of assassinating him in 1981.

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Ronald Reagan




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