The Salaries Basketball Players

Basketball Players 3

This List Contains The Salaries Basketball Players Get


All you need to know about the income of your favorite basketball players are here in this article but don’t be surprised by the huge salaries that you are going to see, because they get paid like huge salaries but unfortunately, they don’t have enough personal freedom for themselves, nobody is perfect

Basketball league achieved a huge success in the last years, and this positively

Reflected on the salaries they get paid annually, and that is according to what “Forbes magazine” published, and this Forbes magazine mentioned that the salaries of these American basketball team players get are more than 1.4 billion dollars, but the team of basketball players of “New York Knicks” is higher in terms of the value in “NBA” 3.3 billion dollar


The magazine reported that the increasing business to the team league of the American basketball players caused a state of confusion in the index ratings “Sports Money” which is followed by “Forbes” that was classified at the beginning in this last February, the strongest 430 teams and players and agency and trademark, in the world of sports business


The report of the magazine cleared that the classification of the index takes into consideration all of the financial situation and the relations with others, in the global sports business environment, the index showed a progress of “New York Knicks” with two places, to occupy the 11th classification, as the index put the famous basketball player, LeBron James in the top of the classification as the highest paid basketball player, his salary is up to 86 million dollars annually, with 9 million dollar increase

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Kevin Durant comes in the second place of the highest paid basketball players, his annual income is 62.5 million dollars,  Nike Company is sponsored for him, it pays him 36 annually

Basketball Players 2

While the player of Golden State Warriors (Stephen Carey) occupied the third place, and his annual income is up to 47.1 million dollars, this basketball player is the official sponsor of Under Armour of America, it pays him 35 million dollars


In the fourth place “James Harden”, his annual income is up to 46.5 million dollars, as the basketball player gets 20 million dollars because he is sponsored by German Adidas, like wow this is good amount even though it’s not the highest income comparing to other basketball players.


“Russell Westbrook” occupied the fifth place in the basketball team “Oklahoma City” his annual income is 41.5 million dollars because he is sponsored by Nike Company, and it pays him 15 million dollars annually


“Dawn Wade” he comes in the first place, he is a basketball player in “Miami Heat Team” his annual income is around 36.2 million dollars, he is sponsored by Li Ning company, it pays him 13 million dollars annually


There’s the basketball player “derrick rose” comes in the 7th place, he is a basketball player in “Chicago Bulls” where his annual income is 35.3 million dollars, where he also is sponsored by “Adidas” it pays him around 14 million dollars annually, which is a good salary that can make him afford anything he needs, by the way

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