The Role of Lighting In The Interior Design


The Role of Lighting In The Interior Design


The role of lighting in interior design is something that must be taken into account throughout the design process. By this, we mean natural light and artificial light, as well as the different elements of decoration that could


Why Is Lighting So Important In Interior Design?

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Lighting plays an essential role in the design of any interior space. In addition to providing the necessary light for day-to-day, the different lighting elements will help us enhance and highlight the other aspects of the design. This means that lighting in interior design has the power to give warmth to space, highlight areas or specific furniture objects and bring a sense of warmth to a home. Therefore, it is essential to devote enough time to consider the different possibilities that space offers and to plan the lighting of said place in the appropriate way


The Types of Lighting In Interior Design


Any type of interior space is affected by two types of lighting. On the one hand, the external lighting, coming from the different windows and the way they are designed, on the other hand, the different elements of interior lighting through which we have opted, these are the ones that will help give personality to space and highlight certain elements or specific characteristics


Within the concept of interior lighting we can find three types of lighting in interior design:


  • General lighting, which provides the vast majority of light. It is advisable to opt for a system that is based on more than one light source. In this way, we will provide the necessary lighting for day-to-day in the room.
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  • Point lighting, whose objective is to eliminate specific points. An example would be the bedside lamps.


  • Decorative lighting, formed by those elements that aim to provide an aesthetic value to the space in question.


Good lighting management in interior design will combine the different types, in this way; you can give a specific style to each space. The lighting will also serve to highlight those decorative details that you want to give more importance


How to Manage Lighting in Interior Design Effectively


To manage to light in interior design in the most effective way it will be necessary to take into account different aspect

First, it will be essential to carry out a study of the dimensions of the space, and the situation and size of the windows. Depending on the exterior lighting that has the space you want to design, you should opt for a general lighting system or another, the different technical and environmental factors must be taken into account to choose a lighting system that is not too expensive


On the other hand, the elements of spotlighting can be used to emphasize certain aspects of the decoration of each space. These are together with the decorative lighting elements, will bring personality and originality to the rooms


Lighting is an aspect of interior design that should that should be given great importance: In addition to its functionality, the lighting in the interior design allows to be very creative and innovative




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