The Pregnancy Exercises That Endanger You and Your Fetus


What Are The Pregnancy Exercises That Endanger You and Your Fetus? Beware of Them

Gynecologist advise that it’s not good for pregnant women not to play a lot of hard sport during the pregnancy, because it might cause abortion to the fetus 80 %, some activates will simply tiring, if you like to play any kind of sports, you have to know, it’s not a good idea to execute though, because it infects the growth of your fetus, some pregnant woman think that playing sports during pregnancy is a good thing to do, definitely no, maybe you can play some of the sports but you should consult your gynecologist, or follow these following instructions.


Pregnant Exercises:

General Tips:

As a general rule, pregnant women should avoid the exercises that include jumping and difficult movements, races are also dangerous to pregnant women,

you should avoid jumping exercises And exercises that suddenly change your direction and increase the risk of falling down, stop exercising right away, knowing if you play any sport when you are out of breath or bleeding.


Muscle Strengthening Exercises:

Over days of pregnancy, your fetus begins to grow in a particular position where his body presses on your own veins,

Which infects your sleep, you should avoid the exercises that make you lay down or deep knee bends and back, long story short any kind of sports that leads to pressure.


It’s better to avoid these exercises during the pregnancy:

Horse riding, skating, football, basketball, handball because they expose to a lot of danger weightlifting that leads to Muscle contraction and increases pressure on the heart,

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Blood vessels and bone muscles, holding breath during hard positions like yoga and weight training, you should not exercise for a long period of time until your breath is in place.

  • Exercises that depend on pressing on the stomach.
  • Abdominal strengthening exercises are uncomfortable for pregnant women.
  • You should avoid driving because it might lead to birth defects.
  • sports that require a change in the center of gravity such as squash, tennis
  • The sport depends on elevations that reduce oxygen to the fetus.
  • The sport that requires jumping is not good at all.


Medical Conditions That Prevent Exercise:

There are some of the health positions during the pregnancy, it might differently prevent you from exercising, and these conditions include the occurrence of cervical insufficiency and problems in the placenta,

hypertension, Anemia, heart disease, lung disease, is also recommended by gynecologists, overall avoid exercises not to expose yourself to abortion, you should better consult your gynecologist before you start any kind of exercises not to endanger yourself to abortion,

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