The Native Residents Of America

Native Americans

Who Are The Native Residents Of America?

The Native Residents Of America

The Indian Americans or the red Indians are the native residents, and the first human beings that lived in the country of American and Canada, those people who had preceded Columbus used the culture and material technology in their lives.

That included the fire and the fire drill, domesticated dogs, and stones and spears and arrows and ropes and baskets and pottery, as they had the culture of fishing, while some of them directed the agricultural.

They got a bunch of plants and animals, such as maize and potatoes pumpkins and llamas and turkeys, where these sources contributed in supporting the domestic communities that went from small villages to big cities such as The city of “Cahokia, and the city of Teotihuacán.

Those people traveled from “Asia” to Northern American through the last ice age, which is 30,000 – 12.000 years: as they thought they could reach America by walking on the “Land Bridge” which is between Alaska and Siberia

Or through their crossing with the boats along the southern coast of the land bridge, as some experts such as: ‘” Bruce Bradley” he said that they could go to America through the Atlantic way, this is what they assumed.

Occupation of America

The European Occupation of America

The European occupation to America started since the beginning of the 16th century, where all the Native Americans moved to live in the Western Hemisphere; it quickly started to perish because of the spreading of epidemiology diseases.

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And the military invasion and the enslavement, where discriminatory legal policies were established until the twentieth century and the 21st century, however, the  native people could do political changes,

And they got back its sovereignty in some fields such as ” education” law and the religious freedom and the culture and many other things, as the people of America are divided into groups and they are: the American Indians and Arctic people, where the native American Indians had spread in many places and they are North America and Central America and South America.


Native Americans 5

Life Aspects Of Native Americans

The American Indians settled down in America since many centuries, where they settled down on the plains North Rivers that are full of trees, in the United States of America these plains parts of North Dakota and South Dakota, and Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas and a lot of other regions.

As many of the northern villages were about commercial centers, because of the connection with Europe in the two centuries the 18th and 19th, the most important life aspects for American Indians, are:

Wars: some tribes burnt by the wars before, examples: Sioux and Blackfoot and the essential weapons that they used to use in wars were, bows and arrows and guns and armor and knives

The duties of women, the women of American Indian tribes were interested in a multiplicity of things such as cooking and looking after children and maintaining the house, duties of men: the men of northern tribes did many dangerous and difficult duties such as fishing and going to war to be a part of it

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