The Most Expensive Cars In The Whole World

“Motor1 site” which is specialized in the world of cars, published a list of the most expensive commercial cars in the whole world, “Motro1” list came to represent the list that “Forbes site” set for the most expensive five cars in the whole world, but they differed in listing these cars according to the prices of each one of them

It’s said that the reason for these prices of cars is because of the expensive materials the company use in order to manufacture the cars and materials the modern technology that’s used to checking the cars.

Dear reader it’s time to get to know the most expensive 10 cars in the whole world.

10- Lamborghini Centenario (1,900,000$)

This car does not have other than 40 copies of it, all over the whole world, it was produced because of the celebration of 100 years of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birthday which is the founder of the company.

9- Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (2,200,000$)

The company has not broken the news about the original price of “Ferrari Laferriere Aperta”, but it’s not less than the price you have just seen, the company decided to produce 209 copies of this fabulous car, there is one of it. Has 950 horsepower

8- Pangi Huarya Roadster (2,400,000$)

Pangi Horia Roadster car has a fabulous good design and performance at the same time, it’s characterized by its V12 engine of 752 horsepower, despite its expensive price but all of its copies were sold out.

7- Ferrari GG50 (2,500,000$)

This car which is from Ferrari Company doesn’t have other than 10 available copies only, the owner company has not announced about its official price, but the leaks confirmed that its price not less than the price we have just mentioned.

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6- Bugatti Chiron (2,600,000$)

Chiron is one of the most attractive cars in the world of “Bugatti” and after it replaced her old sister “Veyron” the reports that the company got are more than 260 purchase orders, Chiron’s engine is 1500 horsepower.

5- Pagani Huayra Bc (2,600,000$)

Pagani Huayra Bc car has 20 copies only over around the whole world, that’s why it’s a wonderful car, it comes with a 789 hp and V12 engine, its weight is 1218 Kg.

4- Icona Vulcano Titanium (2,800,000$)

This car may not be as charming as Bugatti or Pagani, but it’s one of the best cars ever, its engine is V8 6.2 liter and 670 horsepower, and it’s able to race from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds.

3- Aston Martin Valkyrie (3,000,000$)

Aston Martin has not broken the news about the official price, but it’s not less than 3 million$ its V12 engine has a maximum speed more than 321 km/h.

2- W motors lykan hypersport (3,400,000$)

The car that took the second place in the list of the most expensive cars in the world, it comes from Dubai through “W motors K” and that was in 2012

1-Lamborghini Veneno Roadster (4,500,000$)

The price of this car can buy a small island in “Caribbean” but its fans prefer it more than the island because they buy their happiness, especially when they know that her maximum speed is 355 km / h where its V12 engine 750 horsepower








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