The First Great Professional Team In Las Vegas

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The Fascinating Rise of The Golden Knights Ice Hockey, The First Great Professional Team In Las Vegas


Known as the team of “misfits”, the golden knights of Las Vegas defied the laws of odds to become the first expansion team in 50 years to reach the Stanley Cup final in the season of its debut. Anchored in the desert of the state of Nevada, Las Vegas was crowned champion of the Western Conference of the United States Professional Hockey League (NHL) after completing a 4-1 victory in the final series against the Winnipeg Jets.

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It is an unprecedented event for the so-called “City of Sin” which for the first time enjoys a representative in one of the four major American sports leagues (basketball, baseball, ice hockey and football) the person in charge was the businessman Bill Foley, who got the expansion franchise in 2016 by paying the US $500 million to the NHL. His first victory came on October 6, 2017, just five days after the shooting that killed 58 people and left 489 injured in a country music concert

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It means a lot to us,’ said defender Deryk Engelland.” It was the reason why we played all season.’ after what happened on October 1, those first matches you wanted to play for the city, for the people who were affected,” he added.


Shooting at a concert in Las Vegas leaves at least 58 dead, the deadliest in recent US history, having been able to do this, win the series and move on, it’s great for us, but everything is for the city and for the people affected, The names of the 58 people who lost their lives pose on the ice in the first game at home in Las Vegas, while the screen tells the 58 seconds of silence in honor of the victims

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As a team we can not cure anyone, but if we could change what they thought in those first weeks and during the season so that they would feel proud of the team and give them a reason to celebrate something, it is something we were able to do for them, Las Vegas, “says goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury.


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Formed with players who are declared expendable in other franchises the Las Vegas team is sometimes called the “Golden Misfits”, even the coach, Gerard Gallant, was fired by the Florida Panthers last season after losing an away game and as reported in the US press, had to return on their own to the airport.





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