The Fastest 5 Motorcycles In The World


The Fastest 5 Motorcycles 

The motorcycles came out in a late 19th century, since that time the competition has been going on in terms of manufacturing the best of the best and the styles of motorcycles,

Many people are crazy about these fast motorcycles, so you are going to check the world fastest motorcycles ever, and tell us which one you like the most

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The Fifth Place

In the fifth place, the well-known (Suzuki) which is famous in manufacturing the Motorcycles, it produced a motorcycle (Suzuki Hayabusa) it was named by the company this name because it is so fast, it came out in 1999

Its maximum speed is 312 Km, this motorcycle won a sobriquet “the fastest motorcycle at that time” its name was recorded as the fastest motorcycle in the 20th century, the motorcycle was supplied with a 1,300-cm-four-cylinder engine

With a cube that generates 173 horsepower, Hayabusa was very successful in terms of sales, where 100 thousand copies of it were sold in its first generation, which is a really huge number to be sold


The Fourth Place

Ducati Panigale R comes in the fourth place, it came out in 2012 the first time with a 1.2-liter engine, and where “Ducati” introduced the ordinary 1199 in 2011, with a

The maximum speed that does not exceed 285.5 CM

But in the second year (2012) Ducati produced another version of R “Motorcycle” Panigale 1199 the ordinary Ducati, with a new development and it is specialized in races only, as Ducati reduced the weight of the motorcycle to 165 kg, and that helped to increase the horsepower from 172 to 202 horsepower, it was recorded as one of the fastest motorcycle

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 The Third place

Lightning LS-218 comes in the third place; this American motorcycle is able to reach a maximum speed (218 m/h) which equals 351 k/h, this motorcycle was produced in 2014, where it is supplied with an electric engine 200 horsepower and 228 Newton 228 Nm of torque

It’s considered as the fastest electric motorcycle despite its weight (225kg) where you can drive it to a long distance that is up to 290 kg when supplying it with an optional battery (20 KW)


The second place

The second is MTT TURBINE SUPERBIKE Y2KM, it was manufactured by Marin TURBINE TECHNOLOGIES, and the American turbine manufacturing company, the motorcycle has a turbocharged engine, which starts at a maximum speed of 365 km/ h This motorcycle appeared in 2000, from there it got its name, it’s supplied with Rolls Royce Allison 250 engine which is used in helicopters, it generates 310 horsepower

This motorcycle was recorded in Guinness Encyclopedia as the strongest productive motorcycle in the world at that time



The first place

(Kawasaki Ninja H2R) with a 1000 cc engine that generates 310 horsepower.

Where the Turkish driver (Kanan Suvuoğlu) succeeded to be the world champion for five times in the (supersport championship), he could drive 400 k/h, h2r racing motorcycle, this attempt was made in Osman Gazi Bridge in turkey in the middle OF the year 2016, and although Kenana did not make any modifications to the motorcycle




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