The Biography of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian 44

The Biography of Kim Kardashian, shocking Things About her


Real name: Kimberly Noel Kardashian West

Place of birth: Los Angeles (United States)

Date of birth: 10/21/1980 (37 years)


Kim Kardashian is famous for her big hips, her peculiar family and the sex video that catapulted her to fame in a dubiously involuntary way, the magnitude of her fortune is incalculable, but, without great efforts, she has achieved an income that surpasses those of the pilot Lewis Hamilton or the singer Britney Spears, and her income, according to Forbes Magazine, amounted to 56 million dollars in 2016, and when her father, lawyer Robert Kardashian, passed away, she and her sisters and her mother received a trust of 100 million dollars, and I think this sum of money was freaking enough not make any one of them work at all.


Kim Kardashian has become the queen of the world’s selfies, thanks to her mobile phone with special lighting. the most discreet component of the group known as the merry girls of Beverly Hills, and composed by Paris Hilton and Briteny Spears, among others, she has surpassed in fame to her young friends, so her measurements were different, and more similar to Kendall Jenner, which is her half-sister, the mother of them, Kris Jenner, who is largely responsible for the enormous success of the whole family, in fact, it is rumored that she only gets 10% of the profits they make and the rest of the profits go to her daughters


Childhood And Youth

Kim Kardashian 1

Kim Kardashian is the daughter of one of the most famous lawyers in the United States of America, Robert Kardashian, The Lawyer is already deceased, and his origin is Armenian, he was the defender of O.J Simpson, and through Kim’s veins runs Armenian and Turkish blood, from her maternal great-grandmother, from the mother’s side, she has English and Scottish, and Irish and Dutch Ancestors, as a child she attended the Mary Mount High School in Los Angeles, on Sunset Boulevard, and one of the most elite centers in the world,.


Where of course, she was not taught to say all tacos that she articulates, like her sisters, in the reality show of her family, she has three sisters and one brother from the same parents” Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian, and two other younger half-sisters from her mother’s side, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, these are the daughters of Caitlyn Jenner, he is now a transsexual, he completed his high school studies at the mailing secondary school, he was an Olympic Athletics Champion


Professional Life And Sentimental Life And Family


In the case of Kim Kardashian, the three aspects cannot be separated, her professional life is nothing but profitability of her family, and her sentimental becomes are in large part the cause of her success worldwide as one of the highest paid celebrities in the whole world, Kim Kardashian became so famous, so she should thank the intimate home video with Ray J, and interestingly, the same year she began to record and broadcasting the reality series, she is such a big star in her family reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Since then, she has become a machine to make money, she has her own line of Fragrances, clothing firm in her stories, lingerie, she customized items and she shares a brand of cosmetics with her sisters, although she has no problem in announcing competitive products or charging to attend fashion shows such as from the capital of the Seine.


If she wanted, she could sell even bricks with her name, her mobile game generated 71.8 million dollars in 2015, and it is very likely that its profits will be exceeded with the Kimoji App that she has launched, at a cost of 1.77 euros per subscriber, her fans who are counted by millions around the world, pay even 2.66 euros for accessing the exclusive contents of her website, and although Kim Kardashian does not know how to hide her jewels as they were shown by the recent robbery in Paris


She knows how to keep the real magnitude of her enormous fortune in the deepest secrets, there are media, such as Money Nation that estimates her net worth at 149 million dollars, and they calculated that she earns about 19,500 per hour, she has earned 343 million dollars since the 200th year, of which the payments to Treasury (184 million dollars) have to be discounted.


Her Husbands And Boyfriends


In the year 2000, Kim Kardashian got married to the music producer Damon Thomas after a brief courtship, four years later they divorced after more a year litigating in court for the economic conditions of the divorce, it is said that in 2003 she had already begun the relationship with the man who gave her the world fame Ray J. in 2004, after a year of trials, Kim Kardashian divorced Damon, she wastes no time man


Ray J and Kim Kardashian recorded a porn video that would be distributed by Vivid Entertainment Group, after a lawsuit, Kim Kardashian obtained five million dollars from the distributor, the ruling was issued in 2007, her female protagonist allowed in return to continue circulating, shortly after collecting cut with co-star


Reggie Bush. the player of the Buffalo Bills and she met him in a few prizes and soon the chemistry both arose, they fired 2007 together and they continued for two years, in addition, shortly after breaking up they decided to give themselves a new opportunity that only lasted a few months, until March 2010, the reason for the breakup was because the appearance on the scene of the football player Miles Austin, which Kim Kardashian supposedly combined with Bush for a while, but her relationship was never confirmed, it lasted only five months, from March to August 2010, she was also related to Gabriel Aubrey, ex-Halle Berry, but she has always said that they are only friends


Her second husband was Kris Humphries, In August 2011, Kim got married to the NBA player, with whom she has been dating for less than a year, a brief romance, but it is longer than marriage, which lasted only 72 days, it was two years that were in court for the lack of an agreement

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In June of 2012, Kim Kardashian confirmed her courtship with the rapper Kanye West, who appeared a lot in her reality show, (Keeping Up With The Kardashians), on December 30 of that year, both of them announced that they were expecting their first child, Kanye West had already acquired much prominence even as a friend of the family, it would be a girl” North West” also she is known as Nori, who came to the world on October 22, 2013. The couple got married on May 26, 2014, after a request for a surprise hand in a stadium with a party that was televised for millions of spectators, although Kim confessed that he had infertility problems, on December 6, 2015, they had their second child, which is a son, Saint West


Strange Things You Did Not Know About Kim Kardashian


Before the reality show became famous, Kim used her connection with her stepbrother Brody Jenner in order to participate in one of the most watched television shows: The Hills


The Kardashians knew O.J Simpson, but his murder charge spilt the family when Robert Kardashian joined the defending team, Kim, and Kourtney allied with Robert because they believed that their father was the most intelligent man on the planet. While Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Assumed immediately that O.J Simpson was guilty. One of the accusations against Robert Kardashian was that he had taken one of the bags with evidence of Simpson’s property.


However Kim started that there were only “golf clothes, O.J Simpson planned a robbery in Las Vegas on the same day that Kim made her television debut on The Tyra show, in which she promoted “Keeping Up With The Kardashians


A strange coincidence tells that three years before meeting Kim, Kanye West wrote a song in which he refers to O.J Simpson… Kim got married three times by the way


Kim married the music producer Damon Thomas in 2000 when she was only 19 years old, and nobody knew they were a couple and the fled to Las Vegas to get married in secret, Kim did not tell anyone, or even her family.


And that caused them to get angry with her, in fact, father did not speak to her in weeks because she got married without telling him at all, In 2003 Thomas filed for divorce, whose papers include a testimony from Kim in which he claimed to have been physically and emotionally abused. She said that he forced her to leave her job and turn against her family and friends, in addition to having hit her and even he tried to suffocate her, Thomas denied everything.


Kim’s first boyfriend was Michael Jackson’s nephew: T.J Jackson, when they were only 12 years old, and they lasted 3 years together, in fact, Kim’s 14th birthday was held at Michael Jackson’s ranch. According to Kim herself, her mother started her birth control when she was only 14 years old.


Kim has a series of memories of her time with T.J in “the box of ex” Robert told his daughter Kim that he would probably receive comments or abuse about having an interracial relationship, Kim left with Nick Lachey after his divorce was announced with Jessica Simpson. Nick said that Kim called the paparazzi to be photographed together,…it is said that Kim started her career as Paris Hilton’s assistant, but it is not true.

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In fact, her career began to be “personal cabinet organizer, in one of her first on-camera interviews, Kim said she would love to have her own show her life, her clients were Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Cindy Crawford, Serena Williams, Brandy, among others. It is believed that Kim and Brandy’s friendship led her to meet Ray J, Brandy’s brother, with whom he recorded the sex tape

Kim Kardashian

Kim was asked about the existence of the video in 2007, however, she denied all claiming that there was no video and that Ray is not the kind of man who would do something like that but after the magazine complex published the news, the video was released

Complex contacted her after learning that she lied in the interview. Kim explained that although she knew that she had recorded a lot during their relationship, she hoped that nothing would be revealed, it is said that Kim and Kris Jenner are behind the video leak, but Kris claimed that it was “offensive” In 2007 Kim said that she found out who leaked the video, but that justice prevented her from revealing the name.


Kim was very close to her father, Robert, who died when she was almost 21. In fact it was no secret that she was Robert’s favorite, Kris Jenner used to tell Robert not to say that Kim was his favorite, but he could not help it, because he used to love her so very much, he even taught her how to drive when she was 14, to take care of her sister Kourtney who used to get drunk at parties.


Since Robert’s death, Kim has tried to communicate with him through mediums, in fact, Robert warned her about the theft that Kim suffered in Paris, and the day of the robbery in Paris coincided with the anniversary of Robert’s death.


Kim’s butt is as famous as her; in fact, the first sentence of the KUWTK program is Kris talking about Kim’s ass, Kim was the first of the daughters of the family to know about Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change, in fact, she caught her dressed as a woman when she was 21, Caitlyn told Kim earlier than others, because she is the most empathetic and easy to deal with,… Kim knew she would be famous one day; this is all about Kim Kardashian.



The Biography of Kim Kardashian, shocking Things About her
Article Name
The Biography of Kim Kardashian, shocking Things About her
 Before the reality show became famous, Kim used her connection with her stepbrother Brody Jenner in order to participate in one of the most watched television shows: The Hills

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