The Biggest Fire in California


The Biggest Fire in California


California burns without truce and Donald Trump has a solution: is to cut trees with that formula the president has introduced his political agenda in what is already the biggest fire in the history of the United States of America.


The Mendocino began to burn thirteen days ago, with two spotlights that ignited with barely an hour apart and 14,000 firefighters batting tirelessly against the heat wave and drought that fuels the fire, at the end of its eleventh day, the giant broke records and rose in the ranking of history as the largest fire ever recorded in the state. They were already 115,000 hectares reduced to charcoal when it exceeded the record set last year by the Thomas fire in the vineyards, at that point only 30% had been contained.


Each year is worse than the previous one; half of the 20 biggest fires of the century have been recorded in the last decade due to climate change, which experts blame for the growing aridity in the forests, the increase in droughts and the consequent decrease in humidity


Trump, however, Donald believes that what triggered the fires is “bad environmental laws that do not allow massive amounts of water to be used to use them properly, ” he complained on Twitter, his accusation that the governor” has diverted water to the Pacific Ocean” made some laugh, that they did not think it is necessary to explain publicly that rivers flow naturally to the sea, but the California Department of forestry and fire protection prefers to leave things clear, we do not have excess problems to water,” said deputy Scott McClean.” The problem is climate change that leads to more severe and destructive fires

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The president believes that it is a good excuse to press his government’s plans with the timber industries, which he encouraged 3 days ago in order to increase the cutting of trees to prevent news fires. His plan includes opening large areas of protected land in natural parks to logging, mining, grazing, vehicle traffic and installation of solar panels and windmills, Biologists warn that this would be the destruction of species such as condos, which nest in the tops of the tallest trees


Already last year he pardoned two Oregon ranchers convicted of setting fire to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, this sent a message to the ranchers throughout the center of the country who attack federal government regulations to protect the natural parks from being devoured by livestock, which reached industrial proportions in the 21st century

Fire 1

Unlike the one that ravaged the wine region, Mendocino has barely destroyed a hundred houses and has not cost lives, compared to eight that died last year, when the fire destroyed a thousand houses vertiginously, however, 17 outbreaks are still active two weeks after the flames, with 70% of the fire out of control

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