The Best Stunning Beaches In America

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The Best Stunning Beaches In America

If you are preparing for your trip to the United States, surely the question that arises for all of us when the plan to travel to the USA has arisen: “which is better? The east coast or the west coast of the United States, We do not have a clear answer to that question and in any case, we believe that it is a question with multiple replies that depends on the tastes and interests of each one. Students who choose to travel with us to study an English course in the United States each have their personal reasons why they choose different destinations: San Francisco, New York, Miami, Boston, Washington, and San Diego.


But whether on the east coast or on the west coast, there is one thing that always surprises them: the magnificent beaches of the United States. When thinking of North America. We tend to imagine those impressive skyscrapers and bustling America cities that we see in movies or series, but the United States is a country with incredible nature and landscapes that leave those who visit them for the first time open-mouthed.

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Despite its large land area, it is the 8th country with the longest coastline according to the data extracted from the CIA’s annual publication, the world fact book. Today we are going to devote ourselves to what are, in our opinion and without a qualifying order, the best beaches on the east coast and the west coast of the United States, focusing especially on the beach states par excellence: California, Florida, and Hawaii.


La Jolla

And just with the name you have, the site promises. Although the etymological origin is not very clear, the most accepted theory is that it derives from the name given by the Spaniards who arrived in the year 1886. We forgive them the misspelling they have committed since then in the world jewel for having one of the best beaches of the United States.

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La Jolla is located on the Pacific coast, in the state of California. It is actually a neighborhood of the city of San Diego, but its 40,000 neighbors prefer to refer to it as a city or town, and the truth is that it is in its own right. Among its streets escorted by tall palm trees, you will find plenty of shops and restaurants, as well as residential complexes and luxurious mansions. La Jolla is one of the most expensive and exclusive areas of San Diego to be the home of many millionaires



Without moving from California and right in the city of San Diego we find Coronado beach or, rather, the beaches of Coronado. In the Bay of San Diego, in front of the docks of the city, we find the three beaches that make up Coronado: North Beach, Central Beach and Silver Strand State Beach, Guarded by the statue of El Beso – which emulates the famous photo of the American sailor and the nurse kissing after the second World War in 1945 – the beaches of Coronado have been considered one of the best beaches in the United States according to the Travel Channel. Seeing a sunset in its white sands – nicknamed as ‘sugar sands’ – is a privilege, as well as being able to combine relaxing moments with activities on the beach such as surfing, fishing, volleyball…


Their best point is that they are in the magnificent city of San Diego, which is, the largest cities in California (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Jose), the most peaceful and welcoming of all. During your visit to the city, you can visit the San Diego Zoo, one of the most important in the world; stroll through the pier area and the shops of the Seaport Village, a beautifully lit area at night; enjoy the colorful neighborhood of Little Italy while you try a pizza; walk through Balboa Park, the largest urban park in the United States; visit the Sea World … In short, a city that is very worthwhile and an ideal destination if you are thinking of taking an English course for adults in the United States.

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Surely you know this beach or have heard of it on occasion. The city of Malibu, at the gates of Los Angeles, is a mandatory stop for those who travel the Pacific Coast Highway, the highway that crosses the west coast of California and that crosses the city from end to end. And we say it is mandatory because, whether you want to stop in the city to try to swim on its beaches, the amount of traffic that gathers on that road forces you to take it easy and enjoy the jam for several kilometers


It is a purely residential city, with few shops and many houses, and apartments and mansions crowded extremely close to the coastline. Do you want to meet some of its illustrious inhabitants? Surely you will hear names like Cindy Crawford, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Willis, Cher, Sting, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and endless names! Therefore the area is often frequented by paparazzi and today there is a tough battle between celebrities that prevent you from reaching the sea with their mansions built on the coast and authorities seeking to ensure beachgoers access to the beach.


Siesta Key Beach

Without moving from Florida, but this time on the west coast of the state, we found the island of Siesta Key. And just by the name, we can relate that on this site the word overwhelmed is the last place on the list of things to do here. In fact, it used to be called Sarasota Key, taking the name of the country in which it is located, but its reputation as a place of rest and relaxation earned it the new nickname

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With a population of just 7,000, the beach of Siesta Key – also known as Siesta Key – is very wide and long, with white sands so fine that it is almost dust. It is said that 99% of the sand of this beach is formed by quartz originated in the Appalachians and sedimented in this place for millennia. It has  a clear blue transparent water and among the services that we can enjoy our tennis and volleyball courts, bathrooms, showers, a bar, playgrounds and a free parking “(yes, free) that fills up quickly in season


Palm Beach

Surely you also know the name of this county of Florida, famous for being a traditional redoubt of Yankee millionaire families like the Kennedy or the Trump, with this letter of introduction; you will imagine that this place does not lack luxurious complexes and exquisite services such as haute cuisine restaurants or the most exclusive boutiques


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In its 75 kilometers of coastline, there is a multitude of different beaches where you practice snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and other water sports, the best beach we can find in Palm Beach is Spanish River Park, located on the coast of the city known for the curious name of Boca Raton. Exotic palm trees and postcard landscapes make it one of the best beaches in the United States, frequented by people who seek tranquility, relaxation and a good place to roast in the sun while listening to the soft sound of seawater.

The Best Stunning Beaches In America
Article Name
The Best Stunning Beaches In America
In its 75 kilometers of coastline, there is a multitude of different beaches where you practice snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and other water sports, the best beach we can find in Palm Beach is Spanish River Park,

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