The Beginning of The American Soccer

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The Beginning of The American Soccer, and The Basic Rules of It


Just started the season of American Football both collegiate and in the NFL and as they are always coming new fans of this sport I leave a pretty basic guide to the main of this sport as I always recommend that if you want to learn should see a couple of games because Sometimes it is difficult to explain only words.


Basic rules of American Football


1.- The field measures 57 yards wide and 120 yards long, of which 20 (10 at each end), are destined to the “end zones”. The field is marked every 5 yards with a continuous line and every 10 with a number.


  1. – In the field you will find 11 players from each team with different denominations depending on the position they occupy:

American Soccer 1

Quarterback: Directs all plays, which are usually selected by the coaches. Receive instructions directly by radio, through a small hearing aid inside your helmet.

After receiving the ball, the quarterback can only do 3 things:

  • Run By himself with the ball.
  • Put the ball directly in the hands of a runner to start a race.
  • Make a pass.


Offensive tackle, Guard, and Center: There are five players that make up the offensive line, agile and strong although they do not have athletic silhouettes. They must form a barrier so that no man of the defense surpasses it and reaches the quarterback or the ball carrier. In addition to blocking, they are responsible for opening gaps so that the runner can pass.


Running back: They are usually located behind the quarterback, in the backfield area. All runners are generically called running backs, but there are two types: halfback, which is located at the bottom and fullback, which is located near the line of punch.


Wide receiver: Receive quarterback passes. They line up in the bands and when starting the play they start the race towards the rival field waiting on the way to receive a pass. Physically they tend to be tall and very fast, not necessarily the strongest.


Tight end: It is a versatile player because it can play as a blocker or as an emergency receiver, usually in improvisational plays. It is always situated next to the offensive line next to one of the tackles.


3.- The game consists in taking the ball to the end of the field (end zone) of the opposing team (one of the chances of scoring).


4.- The forms of scoring are (with their respective score):

4.1.- Touchdown: 6 points, consists in arriving with the ball to the end zone of the opposing team.

4.2.- Field goal: 3 points, Field goal, consists of passing the ball between the posts located in the end zone

4.3.- Extra Point: after scoring a touchdown, the attacking team has two options:

4.3.1.- 1 point, kick the ball between the posts with a field goal

4.3.2.- 2 points, try to take the ball back to the end zone from the 1st yard of the opposing team

4.4.- Safety: 2 points, you see very little, it consists in making a player fall who has the ball in his hands of the offensive inside his own end zone


5.- The way to advance the ball is measured in Downs (attempts), 4 downs are available to advance a minimum of 10 yards, if that distance is exceeded, there will be again 4 attempts to advance another 10 yards.


6.- The ball can advance in two ways:


6.1.- Race: the QB (Quarterback, Field Marshal) passes the ball in the hands of a runner (RB, Running Back usually) and this tries to advance as many yards as possible

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6.2.- Pass: the QB throws the ball, and another player (WR, Wing Receiver, catcher) catches it and tries to advance with the ball (few times they manage to advance, the main objective is to catch it)


7.- The matches last 4 times of 15 minutes each, at the end of the second time there is a break of 15 minutes, the time stops for the following reasons:


7.1.- When the ball leaves the field.

7.2.- After a touchdown.

7.3.- After a failed pass.

7.4.- When the player with the ball leaves the field.

7.5.- When they ask for revision of the play (the game is constantly recorded, if one of the coaches believes that a charge was incorrect, he has the right to appeal and said play is reviewed by the referee on a screen, the play can be maintained or canceled , each coach has 3 attempts, but will only have the second one if the first was correct).

7.6.- At the end of each 4th.

7.7.- When there are 2 minutes to finish the second and fourth time, call the two-minute break.


8.- PENALTIES: As in any sport, there is a series of penalties when there is a certain infraction of the game during the game. The most common are the following:


– False start: occurs when a player of the attack line moves before the play begins. It is punished with 5 yards of penalty for the offending team.

– Offside: when a defensive player moves from his position prior to the start of the game


 The History Of American Football


American football arises from a mixed application of the English or European rugby game and football. The sport is more similar to rugby but, nevertheless, it incorporates certain terms and rules copied totally or partially from the dispute of European football matches. But the history and evolution of American football have been progressive and extensive. This story is briefly discussed below.


The Beginning


This was how Walter Camp, considered the father of this North American sports discipline par excellence, created American football. Although the truth is that the practice of sport as we know it today has emerged after a long period of evolution in which different people have been collaborating with the introduction of new regulations and variations. This has contributed to making the rugby variant a totally new sport, although visibly similar to rugby. The first rule introduced that was far from the practice of rugby was the line of scrimmage, characteristic of American football, and at the same time, the downs were introduced. Between the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX the practice of the new sport was developed thanks to the introduction of new rules contributed especially by university trainers like Eddie Cochems, football player, and coach, among others who developed the idea of the advance pass, which It makes a big difference to rugby football, where you can only play backward passes.

American Soccer 1



The great changes of which we spoke took place from 1880. Until then rugby was played with slightly different regulations than those imposed by the Rugby Union, ruling the game by the rules imposed by the American Intercollegiate Football Association (AAIF). It was from 80 when the figure of the quarterback was introduced, the players are reduced in the field by a team of 15 to 11 players in addition to the aforementioned line of scrimmage and the downs.



In addition, the dimensions of the court are reduced from 140 for 70 yards to 110 for 53 yards. Also in that decade the possibility of playing two additional halves of 15 minutes each is created to avoid the tie on the scoreboard between two teams. In this decade, the tactic used by the coaches is also professionalized, the plays begin to work in a more conscientious way and they try to be as original and practical as possible in order to surprise the opponent. And in general

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Major and important changes are made in the regulation and disposition of the game, modifying even the score awarded to each action of the game, establishing the scoring method still valid today. The game that faced the universities of Pennsylvania and Rutgers in 1887 is understood as the first game played in pure football. The following year, important changes were made to the regulations that would continue to this day relative to the use of arms to block certain plays.


The decade of the 90s of the nineteenth century was no less revolutionary for the existence of what we know today as American football. In this decade the playing time is reduced, from 90 to 70 minutes; the movements of the players are limited and rules are created around them and different arrangements are made to the regulation in a decisive way to compose the sport that we know today.


This type of regulatory changes continues in evolution at the beginning of the new twentieth century. You start to use a jersey with dorsal, changes are made in the way of arbitrating or judging a match, rules are created on the substitutions by parties and the distribution of match times is modified. In 1920 was created the body that would govern the competitions and regulation of American football.


The American Association of Professional Football (AAFP), which would later be renamed the National Football League (NFL). From here the changes would be constant throughout the century, although the foundations of American football had already been fully defined; there would be certain changes that would alter the dispute of the competitions. In 1967 there was a big push for the popularity of American football to increase greatly thanks to the creation of a new competition: the Super Bowl

The history of the Super Bowl is more than transcendent to explain the success of American football, especially in the United States where it is considered one of the top mass shows.




At the moment American football enjoys a great popularity in the United States, something that the sport has achieved thanks to its great historical evolution commented briefly in the previous sections. The great dose of spectacularity makes it an interesting sport for large majorities of Americans. Therefore, it can be said that, together with basketball and maybe baseball, it is the most important sport in the country.


The Most Important Teams In The American Football




The team of the lone star was awarded the first place in the ranking for the seventh consecutive year. On this occasion, the reason for their place is mainly due to the contract they signed with AT & T, the firm that will sponsor the name of the Vaqueros stadium for the next 25 years.


New England Patriots


The Patriots register fully in their stadium every time they show up to play at home since 1994 despite the fact that the cost of their tickets is the second highest in the NFL, which is enough to take over the second place.


Washington Rescdskins


The Redskins benefit from the talent, charisma, and fury that two second-year players have caused. This is Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris, who have pushed their team to the top of the ranking

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How is football played?


American football consists of four 15-minute quarters, with a rest after the first two. It is played on a court 100 yards long and 52 yards wide.


The match begins with a kickoff by one of the two teams, as determined by a previous raffle. This kick goes out of the 25 yards and goes to the end zone of the team that receives the kick.


At that moment, the team that receives the ball has two options: the first is to receive the ball and put the knee on the ground in their end zone to ensure the exit of their offensive from the 25 yards, this is called a touchback. The second option is that the player who receives the ball runs to try to take the ball as far as possible and where they stop it starts the offense, including getting to score in this type of play.


Positions After this enter the offense of the team that received the ball. The offensive is made up of four types of players.

American Soccer 3

The first is the field marshal, who is in charge of throwing the passes in most of the plays or has the option to run in others. Then there is the runner, who has the hard task of carrying the ball by land. Then the receivers appear who receive the passes of the field marshal. Finally, there is the offensive line, which is the player who must defend the quarterback and open space for runners.


At the same time, the defense of the team that kicked the ball appears. In the defense, there are offensive lines that try to hit the field marshal and rival runner. Other players are in charge of scoring the receivers to avoid getting the ball.



Format, the team that has the ball has four chances to advance at least ten yards, that’s why it’s called first and ten. For example, if a team manages to advance six yards on its first play it will have a second and four yards to advance. On the contrary, if they are stopped four yards behind where they started they will have second and 14 yards to advance.


Once a team manages to advance ten yards or more, the account begins again. Otherwise, it is when, for example, a team is on its third chance and there are five yards left to advance, but only two. This leaves the attacking team on fourth and three occasions. That is where you must make the decision to clear or continue the offensive.


The punt consists of a kick to send the ball as far as possible so that from that point the other team starts. In case a team decides to continue the offensive in the fourth opportunity it has two options: make a normal play to obtain the first and ten; the other option is to try a field goal (kick the ball between the posts to add three points). If he does not succeed, he loses the ball and the other team starts his offense at that same point.

The Beginning of The American football , and The Basic Rules of It 
Article Name
The Beginning of The American football , and The Basic Rules of It 
Just started the season of American Football both collegiate and in the NFL and as they are always coming new fans of this sport I leave a pretty basic guide to the main of this sport as I always recommend that if you want to learn should see a couple of games because Sometimes it is difficult to explain only words.

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