The Autobiography of Tylor swift

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The Autobiography of Tyler swift. Including Facts, You Did Not Know


Real Name: Taylor Alison Swift

Birth Place: Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

Date of Birth: 12/13/1989 (29 years)


Childhood And Youth


Taylor Alison Swift, is the granddaughter of an old great opera singer, where she spent the first years of her life in Wyomissing, in the state where she was born with her parents, Andrea and Scott, including her brother “Austin” when Taylor Swift was only 14 years old, her family moved to the music country capital of the world, “Nashville, which is also the name of a famous series related to her biography, one of her characters, Juliette Barnes, is really inspired by her being a preadolescent, she started her career as a composer,


And She also began to complete in Karaoke competitions and to perform at fairs in contest held at “the Bluebird Cafe” her performance caught the attention of Scott Borchetta who produced her, her first record deal with Big Machine Records at the age of seventeen, she released her first album catapulted her to fame, she has gone down in history as the youngest singer who has written record songs without anyone’s help for her


Two years later, she was nominated as a young revelation artist at the Grammy Awards, that same year, 2008, marks to before and after in her life, after the release of Fearless, the best-selling album in the United States in 2009, she was only 20 years old and won four Grammy Awards, once again beating a record, the youngest singer winner of this award

Taylor Swift 1

Record Career


In 2010, Taylor managed to sell one million copies of her third album (Speak Now) in just one week, and the album carries the title of its “Speak Now World Tour”, with which it entered 40 million dollars and visited Asia and Europe, and North America and Australia, more than 1.6 million followers attended and when Taylor finished it, she was already a world-class star, and you know what, this album was number one on Billboard Chart.


In 2012, Taylor Swift dropped her fourth album (Red) which included the well-known song” We Are Never Getting Back Together” this song was placed at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 List, the song “I Knew You Were Trouble, from the same album as well, it was an international success of the first order, to the point that today, at the close of these lines, it has more than 410 million views on Youtube, she always makes hits


The fifth album, furthest from the country and closest to pop went on sale in 2014 was named by a date, (1989) the year of her birth, and it exceeded all expectations, it made her the first and only artist with three albums with sales over one million copies in just one week, it included some successful song, like “Shake It Off”  which remained four weeks in the first position of Billboard and already went for the one billion 619 million views  on Youtube, no wonder that Taylor Swift Currently occupies the number one list of  celebrities best-paid in 20016 with 170 million dollars of income last year, although some have come to calculate that she earns a million dollars a day, 1989  was the most successful album of Swift’s career, and broke the sales records of the previous ten years, reaching 9 million copies

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the 6th album (reputation)| was dropped in 2017, this album was really good, it had the best-selling of 2017, to be honest where it sold almost 1.216 million copies, and these copies were sold in the first week of its release, this album is fire plus it includes a lot of amazing songs





In 2008 she was in a relationship with Joe Jonas for a few months, although the breakup was abrupt over a phone call that doesn’t 27 seconds, she maintained a good relationship with him a year later, and then she started dating Taylor Lautner in 2009.


He also had an affair with Jake Gyllenhaal between 2010 and 2011. He criticized after the break with Katy Perry, one of his most bitter enemies. He confessed in an interview that The Last Time, one of his songs, is about an inconstant man you can not count on because you do not know if he will be by your side whenever you need him or not


Her most famous romance was the one she had with one of the puppies Kennedy, Connor, Grandson of the deceased of Senator Robert Kennedy, Murdered when he aspired to the presidency of the United States, the man’s family did not like the courtship, and that was one of the reasons for the breakup, Taylor made a fool of herself when she bought a house to be near him in the same area where he lived, the romance began in 2012 and ended in the same year, with Harry Styles (2012-2013) she was in a stormy relationship and it has been said that the suffering that originated her turned her into many of the love songs of the (1989 Album)


Then Calvin Harris came (2015-2016) her penultimate important partner, The Scottish DJ started out in March 2015 with Taylor and they broke up a little more than a year later, the rupture has been stormy and involved in a controversy again, Taylor has accused her ex of having performed a song also composed by her to perform with Rihanna, The Hit Song, (This is What You Came For) Apparently  both of them would have decided to this participation secret, and for this reason the singer used the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg to sign The lyrics



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Joe Jonas (2008): the relationship lasted a few months only, but her breakup was controversial because it was for a 27-second phone call from Joe to Taylor, although their relationship ended, that is why their friendship, where they are considered one of the friendliest “Ex” of celebrities they have even gone to double dates with their partners


Taylor Lautner (2009): Double Taylor the wolf “Jacob Black” of Twilight was a few months with the young artist, where they enjoyed several outings


John Mayer (2009-2010): the singer, musician, and producer had a fleeting courtship with the singer’s friend Selena Gomez that lasted from August to February


Jake Gyllenhaal (2010-2011): although they were 12 years apart, nothing just them from living a romantic relationship for a few months, then Gyllenhaal came out with the deadly enemy of Swift, Katy Perry

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Connor Kennedy (2012): they lasted only three months, and rumors say that the relationship ended because Taylor was too intense, he even bought a house near the Kenndy family to be near the 18-year-old, who got scared with this decision and decided to finish, after this, and she sold the house



Taylor Swift 4

Harry Styles (2012-2013): the most Controversial relationship until today, because it is said that the fifth album of Taylor Swift (1989) almost all of her songs speak about the suffering that she went through, and  It is also said that Styles, have been with so many women, could be due to a commercial strategy, in fact, when he broke up with Taylor Swift, there was a huge increase in tickets for his second One Direction Concert


Calvin Harris (2015-2016): the Scottish DJ is the singer’s 7th ex; the couple officially began their courtship in March 2015 and lasted just a year


Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are an amazing couple their relationship is so wonderful, I hope they will be together forever, there are a lot of fake rumors say that they have broken up and stuff like that, but, fortunately, they are still together haters.


Anecdotes And Curiosities


She worked on an episode of CSI, where she plays the role of a known victim of one of the researchers, she is a great defender of the rights of LGTB, Gay, Bisexual and transgender people, she has collaborated in countless causes such as the welfare of sick children and her has helped financially in the funds of help in natural disasters,


She is known as the pop princess, in the series Orange is the new black, her protagonist is insulted saying she looks like Taylor Swift, she does not take it as a compliments, in spite of its sweet image it can be authentic, “belligerent marcarrilla” when it comes to it, and a very dangerous enemy, DJ Diplo jokingly asked his followers in the networks to collaborate in a collection to buy a rear for Taylor Swift, the singer got thousands of fans to come out in her defense and Diplo’s life became a real hell


She has starred in bitter controversy in the networks and media with Demi Lovato and Katy Perry, who accused her of stealing their dancers, and of course, Nicki Minaj who started the beef with Taylor Swift by messing with her for her thinness, her latest controversy, and one of the most talked about has been the brawl she had with Kanye West, who called her a b*itch (fox) in one of the songs, and ensures that she gave him permission to do so, he even posted a recording of a conversation between them to prove it


Miley Cyrus does not love her much, as she showed with some statements about the aggressive video “Bad Blood, supposedly intended for Katy Perry, Taylor’s archenemy: is she supposed to be a good example? I know that maybe I’m not the best example to follow because I go out with the breasts teaching them, but I do not understand how a video where there are weapons in it

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But Katy Perry clapped back at Taylor Swift in 2017, with a song called (Swish Swish) where she threw shade at Taylor Swift, and she means Swift Swift by saying swish bish.  Because almost both of them have the same pronunciation, however, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift made up in 2018, and they have no freaking beef anymore



Curious Facts That You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift


We love her and we have talked about her for years, and although her 2017 reputation album is the last album she has dropped recently


After Taylor’s Parents listened to her, at the age of 11 singing the national anthem a basketball game, they decided to move to the city of Nashville to find her daughter a record deal, She spent her childhood in a ranch of Christmas trees, and her task was to remove the insects from the branches,


What a difference of work at age 12, during a vacation she wrote a 350-page novel, YES, a complete book, she was really clever, and as a child, she dreamed of becoming a horse jockey and she participated in several horse races, In 2009, Taylor was the first guest in the history of the Saturday Night Live Show to write her own opening monologue, in this monologue she talked about how Kanye West ran his speech when he received his VMA.


Her maternal grandmother was an opera singer in Singapore and Thailand, and her favorite show is Gray’s Anatomy, that is why her kitten is called Meredith and if she had a daughter she would call her “Izzie”, Taylor Swift appeared in Hannah Montana, and also she had an appearance in the series of New Girl and CSI, you will not recognize her with brown her though

Taylor Swift 1


Her parents gave her, her name in the honor of James Taylor, who is also a Tay Tay’s favorite singer and years later they shared the stage, and one of her best friends is Selena Gomez, and they met at a concert of the Jonas brothers, when Taylor was dating Joe and Selena was Nick’s girlfriend,


Plus she is the best-paid musician of all time, her fortune is estimated at more than $360 million dollars, she has more than 22 awards for her 6 albums, including 10 Grammy, 1 Emmy, 22 Billboard, 19 AMAS, 1 Brit, 6 MTV VMAs, 11 records in all her career,


Taylor does not ever depend on any songwriter because she has already the talent of writing her own amazing songs, Taylor Swift has dated 8 men and she broke up with all of them except Joe Alwyn, knowing that there is no a relationship was more than a year unfortunately but’ however we are hoping she is doing great, because she deserves the best of the best

The Autobiography of Tyler swift. Including Facts, You Did Not Know
Article Name
The Autobiography of Tyler swift. Including Facts, You Did Not Know
 Taylor does not ever depend on any songwriter because she has already the talent of writing her own amazing songs, Taylor Swift has dated 8 men and she broke up with all of them except Joe Alwyn

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