Tham Luang cave rescue

Tham Luang cave rescue

All you need to know about Tham Luang cave rescue

Let me start my article with these words that said by the Dalai Lama, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” This is what we all have witnessed lately when we heard about the kids who were stuck with their coach inside a cave for nine days without food. We found love and compassion in the countries that offered to help in the rescue of these children and their coach. This reflects how they treasure human life and nothing better than a human soul.

What is the story behind the Tham luang Cave?

First of all let me brief you with some details about this cave. This cave is located in Chiang Rai Province in Thailand. It is Karstic (a topography formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestonedolomite, and gypsum) cave complex beneath a maountain called Doi Nang Non. This mountain on the border between Myanmar and Thailand, and from what we saw it has a very rough nature and not easy to reach in the normal circumstances, the passages are very narrow and after a heavy rainfall and flood this cave was beneath water.

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The kids (whose ages start from 11-17 years old are football team) and their coach (25 years old) entered the cave for shelter due to the weather and rains but they didn’t expect that they will be trapped for about 9 days without food and surrounded with water. They were out for a picnic and to explore the cave though there was a sign of how dangerous it is.

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The kids and their coach reported missing and the search for them started immediately. The searching operations were difficult due to the rising levels of water. Then the searching went out from local to international. They were struggling to reach in time before the monsoon which as they predicted will resume on 11th of July and huge amounts of rainfall will worsen the situation.

After 9 days they managed to locate them in the cave by the help of British Divers.

But the rescue mission wasn’t finished and wasn’t that easy. There was a problem “How they will get them out from there, will they teach the kids and their coach basic diving? The distance between the cave entrance and where the boys are was 3.2 kilometers and needs experts to pass through these narrow passages.”

The rescue groups tried other methods and routes to reach the cave and even used sniffing dogs and drones to locate them but no technology was able to do that in such area of nature.

Thai Navy seal divers managed to reach the boys and found them dizzy and not aware of what day it is. They even asked for food many times because they were not fed for over a week. They looked frail. Hold on the story is yet to begin. They still planning on how to rescue them the journey into the cave takes 6 hours against the current and 5 when they go out in line with the current. The team was trying other options like drilling to find an easy route to escape.

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They even used systems to pump the water out from the cave and reduce the water inside and this is how they managed to rescue 4 boys on the first day.

All these efforts are done to accelerate the rescue of boys, the oxygen level went down and there are fears that boys might develop hypoxia. Though they supplied them with air supply but still the level of oxygen inside 15% and it should be 19.5 -23.5%.

Over 90 divers working in the cave 40 of them from Thailand and 50 from other countries overseas like China, USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, India, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Finland. Sweden, and Ukraine. Even France offer to send specialists plus equipment but Thailand believe they have all on site.

Rescue diver went into cave to retrieve the boys through what is called “Buddy system” each boy is accompanied with two divers out of the cave. They rescued all the team and their coach after teaching them how to use the air mask and basics of diving on 10th of July.

Unfortunately, a life has been lost, a Thai Navy Seal officer “ Saman Kunan” aged 38, died of asphyxiation while delivering supplies to the kids in the cave.

The kids and their coach have been hospitalized and will stay for at least a week under supervision to notice of they caught a disease in the cave. They treated their legs from the wounds and fed them with food that is easy to digest and with vitamins and minerals due to their condition.

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