Tekashi 6ix9ine Kidnapping

Tekashi 6ix9ine

This is The Truth Behind Takashi 6ix9ine Kidnapping


Takashi 6ix9ine was on the receiving end of brutal robbery and kidnapping, disproving allegations that he was pulling a publicity spine while the rapper has been known to troll his audience, recently released security footage vindicates Takashi’s claims, and you will know everything you need to know about Takashi 6ix9ine assault and robbery claims

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Surveillance footage shows the rapper being pistol-whipped and kidnapped by armed assailants supporting his previous claims that he was robbed in his Brooklyn home, closed-circuit television cameras from the rapper’s neighborhood allegedly show portions of the event unfolding


The footage has not been released to the public but local police are working on identifying suspects involved in the crime after leaving a New York City recording studio around 4:00 Am on July 22nd Takashi 6ix9ine was ambushed in his driveway by armed robbers, sources close to the rapper claims that three hooded gunmen got out of their car and grabbed Takashi and knocked him unconscious using their firearms


One source claims quote “we are told the next thing Takashi knew was in the back seat of the car, and the gunmen were driving him around telling him if they didn’t get what they wanted from him they would kill him”


The unidentified robbers allegedly stole around $750,000 and Jewelry and between 15 to 20 thousand dollars in cash from the home, the events unfolded while Takashi 6/9 girlfriend” Sara and his daughter were reportedly inside the house, and fortunately they remain safe and were not injured as the gunmen returned to the car and drove away, Takashi was able to escape the vehicle and flag down a passing motorist who called the police

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The rapper was then transported to a hospital where he claimed to receive various tests including a CT scan Takashi 6:9 apparently told police a different story claiming that the gunmen pulled out of his car after blocking his driveway, he also told police that he called his girlfriend to bring down the drill rate to give to the robbers instead of actually entering the home to steal it


Takashi reportedly checked himself into the hospital after the incident where he received his treatment, reports suggest that Takashi 6:9 became increasingly uncooperative with the police making it difficult to trust his testimony as a witness following the event the rapper posted an Instagram photo of deceased rapper “XXX” extent a someone who was murdered in a robbery this past June


Takashi claimed that he thought it was his day to die and expressed his gratitude that

The situation did not unfold like “XXX” fantasy owner rapper claimed that the shooting may have also been an inside job it’s only someone that is close to him would know his schedule and maintain the ability to ambush him


The rapper’s shifting story and conspiratorial claims make it very difficult to verify the details of his story prompting many to question it, Takashi recently claimed he was going to jail forever after posting a photo on Instagram that appears to be a mug shot, thanked in April police arrested members of the rapper’s entourage after shots were fired in New York, shortly after this incident police confirmed that Tekaghi was

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Under investigation for his potential involvement in an incident where the Chicago rapper “chief keef” was shot

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