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Life, Miracles, and Scandals of Taylor Swift, Things You Didn’t Know


From idol country to cover of time, going through anthological fights, judgments and indelible successes, this is how Taylor Swift has cemented her career, the American singer turned 28 and we celebrate with a review of the 28 key moments of her professional and personal career


  • Her Debut Country


The career of Taylor Swift in music started in 2006 with the album Taylor Swift, a country album and in which she had composed all the songs, only her biggest fans knew her, since in her beginnings Taylor was only extremely popular in her country, the United States, so she sang her first single, Tim McGraw, to the country star Tim McGraw.


  • When She Went To The Graduation Dance Of A Fan


In general, Taylor’s relationship with her fans has been very close so much so that in 2008 it was a couple of Whit Weight, a fan of her, in her prom at an Alabama high

School, we could see it in once upon a prom on MTV


In August of 2012, Taylor Swift decided to go from country to pop with producer Max Martin (who is responsible for the success of Katy Perry), Britney Spears for Backstreet Boys) with “we are never getting back together” the cover letter of her album “Red” it was her first number 1 in the United States of America, and it is one of her most emblematic subjects.


Who did Taylor Swift dedicated to that “we are never getting back together” to her ex-boyfriend, the actor Jake Gyllenhaal, it was not the only composition that directed him, for any celebrity,  who is going out with a singer is to risk, she dedicated a few verses after the end of the relationship, in addition to Kake Gyllenhaal. They also had their song Harry Styles (Style) or John Mayer (Dear John) The subtlety when it comes to title songs is not your strong point.


Letters To The Trash


The hearts of millions of Swifites is (the name of the fans of Taylor Swift) she was shattered when of them, Kylee Franciscan discovered in a trash can hundreds of unopened letters from the followers of the singer, Spokeswoman Paula Erickson had to clarify the matter ” Taylor Swift received thousands of fan letters daily, which are sent to the management office, after being opened and read, they were recycled, the only explanation for which one remained unopened would be that a small part of that mail that is supposed to be sent to the office has been accidentally placed next to the letters destined for the recycling center


The Beef With Katy Perry


The origins of this beef between both of them go back to 2013, with a dispute by some dancers, the bad roll between these two divas extended to 5 years, they made up the last previous days because life is too short to have problems with someone.


She is Crazy of Cats


The brands love Taylor Swift, she lent herself to almost everything to continue caring for her image as the perfect bride of America, in this announcement for Coca-Cola Light 2014, we saw how her house was full of adorable cats, and we have seen her two cats, Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson, several times on her Instagram account.

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Taylor’s fans ran like headless chickens to buy anything that will shine her name, the singer was number 1in iTunes with the song “Track 3” which comes from her album “1989” this song contains 8 seconds of silence and background noise, and nothing else, the swifites tried to decipher its meaning, but it was only an error of Apple at the time of publishing the album


Her Love-Hate Relationship With Spotify


In a completely unexpected move, Taylor Swift withdrew all of her discographies from Spotify without giving any explanation in 2014, the reason was given weeks later, she said that she did not agree with the streaming service business model, “I’m not going to contribute all the work of my life to an experiment that does not compensate composers, producers and artists, it does not seem good to me.


It’s like telling my fans that if one day they make a painting, someone will enter the museum, cut it into pieces and keep it, “Spotify” responded by expressing their love to the singer and they dedicated a couple of playlists, one of them called “what to listen to Taylor while is out. She was gone for three years, the discography of Taylor Swift returned to Spotify in, just the same day that her arch-enemy Katy Perry published her album (Witness)


The Blank Space Video


In an outburst of genius, Taylor decided to parody herself for the video clip of Blank Space, second single from the album (1989) be aware of the jokes that people made about their “long list of ex-boyfriends” and the songs of spite that they composed, the singer got into the skin of a crazy and vengeful girlfriend, it remains an eternal source of memes


Merry Swiftmas


32 fans of Taylor Swift will never forget the Christmas of 2014, when her idol sent them huge boxes with gifts that she herself had wrapped, what the rest of the world will never forget is the video that showed us the hysteria of their reactions


The Bad Blood Video


Taylor is on the crest of the wave and chaining successes revolutionized 2015 with this blockbuster directed by Joseph Kahn and supposedly directed to Katy Perry, in it she had almost twenty guest stars, from Selena Gomez to Cindy Crawford, including Lena Dunham, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delvinge or Jessica Alba, The video clip broke the record for the highest number of visualizations in less than 24 hours (more than 20 million) and the song was the third number 1 for her album “1989” in the United States


The Fall Of Apple

Taylor Swift 1

After her cacophony with Spotify, In June 2015 Taylor Published An open letter to Apple, criticizing that the first three free months of her Apple Music Service did not benefit the artists, the singer threatened to remove her albums from the streaming platform, the next day Apple rectified, the following year Taylor Swift starred in an ad for the company in which she suffered a resounding fall on a treadmill.

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Poultry Of The MTV VMA 2015


Nominations for these awards sparked a fight between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift on Twitter, the first complained that they had ignored their work and said that ” If your video has women with very thin bodies, they will nominate you for the video of the year, the second took less than an hour to read it, to be alluded to due to the Bad Blood nomination video of the year and to respond ” it is not like you to put women against other women,” Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars made fun of their brawl, but they ended up arranging it after Taylor’s apology.


Sick Cat


The tour 1989 tour of Taylor Swift was news almost daily because in each concert that gave up the stage with her a different singer or celebrity. It won us all when in August 2015 in Los Angeles Lisa Kudrow appeared to sing with her Smelly cat, the

Iconic song of Phoebe in ‘Friends’




In February 2016, the mother of Kesha revealed that Taylor Swift gave to her daughter $ 250,000 dollars it’s kind of a donation to support her, it was her silent and controversial way of supporting her in the midst of her legal dispute against the producer Dr. Luke, her alleged rapist, after Kesha lost her mind


Feminist Speech At The Grammy


At the 2016 Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift received her second album of the year award, she became the first woman to achieve it, and her thank-you speech she said this, and everyone automatically thought of Kanye West:


I’m the first woman to win twice the album award of the year, and that is why I want to tell all young women that there will be people along the way who will try to despise your success or take credit for the achievements of your fame. But if you focus on work and do not let those people confuse you, someday you will arrive at your destination, you will look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you here, and it will be the best feeling of the world”.


The Great Fight With Kanye And Kim


In 2016 Taylor Swift’s reputation fell through after a long battle with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, days before the Grammy Awards, and Kanye West released the album that included his song Famous, where he raps saying, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b*tch famous,” Kanye supposedly had the singer consent to publish this after a phone call, but she assured in several statements that she would never do something like that!


On July 17, National day of the snake, Kim Kardashian uploaded a recording of that call to Snapchat and made it clear that Taylor was lying, after this checkmate of Kim the emoji of the snake flooded the social networks of the pop star was irremediably associated with him

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Since 2013, memes and assemblies circulate online, assuring that Taylor Swift is a Nazi. Neo-Nazi groups have some to crown her as “Aryan goddess” and “symbol of white supremacy and the superiority of the Aryan race,” Recently, the singer’s lawyers threatened legal actions against a media that linked her with the extreme right and that compared her with Hitler, Unlike other artists like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift does not get wet on political issues and many have criticized that for years.


Taylor Swift Wins The Taylor Swift Prize


If you thought that the height of egocentricity in pop was Chenoa singing the song “Chenoa” inside her album “Chenoa” that’s because you did not that in 2016 Taylor Swift won the first Prize that has her name, “the Taylor Swift Award of the BMI Pop Awards, you read correctly: the Taylor Swift winner was Taylor Swift


The Rupture With Calvin Harris


After 1 year and 3 months of Taylor Swift and Tayvin broke up, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were breaking the doors of the summer of 2016, for even weeks even the most skeptical believed that this time there would be no dreams or songs of spite, Error: Taylor soon began dating actor Tom Hiddleston and it was discovered that for Calvin Harris and Rihanna.

Taylor Swift 3

The DJ explained that her ex-had used a pseudonym and had preferred to keep this secret, but ended up exploding and saying he was fed up with the tactics that Taylor used to sink people: “What hurts me at this point is that she and her team have gone so far as to try to make me look bad.


I think if you are happy in your new relationship, you should focus on that instead of trying to demolish your ex for doing something, I know you are no longer on tour and you need someone new to try to sink like Katy, etc, but I’m not that person, I’m sorry, I will not allow it. Please focus on the positive aspects of YOUR life because you deserve a great life,.


The Old Taylor Swift Is Dead


That was the singer affirmed in the song that supposed her return to music, “Look what you made me do” the first singer of “Reputation” the video clip made reference to many of her past controversies: snakes, a robbery to a streaming company, a zombie Taylor coming out of a grave with the inscription ” here lies the reputation of Taylor Swift” or a spectacular fight by Taylor to reach the summit.. Taylor Swift is the best of the best; she always shines whenever she goes





Life, Miracles, and Scandals of Taylor Swift, Things You Didn't Know
Article Name
Life, Miracles, and Scandals of Taylor Swift, Things You Didn't Know
From idol country to cover of time, going through anthological fights, judgments and indelible successes, this is how Taylor Swift has cemented her career, the American singer turned 28 and we celebrate with a review of the 28 key moments of her professional and personal career

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