Stomach Bloating

Stomach Bloating

Effective Ways to Decrease Stomach Bloating


Bloating is one the most bothersome stomach problems, unfortunately it’s familiar to practically everybody in the world, isn’t that true?, people’s description of this symptom may differ but the main concern is always the same, the feeling of increased pressure in the abdomen, of course, such sensations can appear due to many other stomach issues, for example, irritable bowel syndrome feels almost the same but if your stomach is particularly unhappy after a heavy meal or when your diet is far from ideal it’s most likely to be bloating,

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1- Eat Mindfully

You can prevent bloating by eating more slowly and choosing smaller portions, yes sometimes it’s as easy as that, if you pay attention to what you are eating and try to be mindful of your food intake this might help you enjoy food more, this way your brain will have time to process what you are putting in your mouth, you will also lower the number of air bubbles you swallow with the meal, these bubbles are the disastrous cause of bloating in the first place, some of them are burped back out, and that’s a normal process


2- Avoid Gas-triggering Foods

No, your mother did not lie when she said that green stuff is amazingly healthy, (kale broccoli and cabbage) are indeed the nutrient-rich and high fiber vegetables you need to ingest to have a strong digestive system, however these foods are also rich in raffinose, raffinose is a sugar and it can only be digested if the bacteria in your stomach fermented, its fermentation produces gas and that’s exactly what causes you to bloat but don’t throw all these vegetables out of the window, “Cynthia sass” a registered dietician and contributing editor at a Health magazine promises that if you start eating high fiber food on regular basis you will have a healthier digestive system and will not suffer from bloating so much

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3- Watch Your Salt

If you keep getting bloated but might want to watch your salt intake, eating high sodium foods can slow down your body’s ability to get rid of excess water which might make you feel like there is a balloon in your stomach, check if you are digesting the proper amount of salt advised by the American Heart Association the recommended limit is 1500 milligrams per day for most adults that’s a bit less than a teaspoon, oh my god, 2,300 milligrams or one teaspoon is the maximum amount you can eat if you want to stay healthy unfortunately the average American consumes much more 2,400 milligrams every day, this leads to problems with the heart and blood pressure

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4- Treat Yourself to Fruit

If you have been naughty with the salty foods you might want to invest in some bananas they prevent water from getting stuck in your body because of the sodium bananas are full of potassium and they perfectly regulate salt levels and therefore reduce bloating meanwhile the enzymes and pineapple assistant breaking down the proteins in your system which helps your stomach to process food efficiently.


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