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Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Incredible

We knew there was a lot of interest in the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and today 1 September, it became official, Galaxy Note 9 took off more renewed, more intelligent, more autonomous. We developed the 9 main characteristics of the new jewel of the Samsung crown. Start reading and be surprised with your S Pen! 1. S Pen, an extension of your device.

We brought you some of the most important features that the new Samsung Note 9 has, so you must be ready for the incredible features that this phone has, I bet you will be impressed by these features, plus you are going to get as fast as possible to tease your friends. So prepare your money

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1-S Pen, an Extension Of Your Device

Can you imagine taking pictures by pressing the S Pen button of the new Note 9? Well, do not imagine it and try it! Samsung has put a lot of effort into renewing this tool and has succeeded. Thanks to its Bluetooth technology, taking pictures without touching the screen of your device is already a fact, even up to 10 meters away. And not only that, you can also use it as a pointer to pass the slides of your presentations, Pause Youtube videos and much more.

2. Tireless Battery

Take the big jump! The battery of this new smartphone is tireless, even with a single charge your device will not give up and will give you the best service since it goes from 3,000 mAH to 4,000 mAH. Have you already started doing accounts to calculate how many hours of video playback you will have without needing to reload your device?

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3. More Memory!

Now that you know everything you can do with your S Pen, you will not stop trying to discover each and every one of its functions, so you will inevitably have more images on your mobile phone, the odd ppt downloaded and many more videos. But do not worry; you’re not going to have to be erasing your files constantly. With up to 512 GB of storage memory, you’ll have room for everything you need! In addition, you can expand your capacity with a micro SD card, reaching 1 Terabyte!

4.Memory Samsung Galaxy Note9 A whole Gaming Experience

Enjoy your favorite video games, and the hours you want!, without your device suffering any overheating since Galaxy Note9 incorporates a new system of cooling by water and carbon that prevents this overheating. And if you’re one of those Fortnite lovers, you are in for a treat! We tell you that for the first time and exclusively this
The game will be available for this mobile device during the first days.

5. Professional camera

The Galaxy Note 9 camera has become even smarter, and it does not fear the dark! Its front camera with Dual aperture of 12 megapixels and with X2 optical zoom adapts perfectly to the environment, allowing you to squeeze everything you photograph to the maximum.

We give you more data! It has an F1.5 aperture, which allows more light to enter your images, illuminating even your darkest photographs. On the other hand, the F2.4 aperture helps to make your photos as clear as possible. So day or night, your photos will be the best

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Neither do we forget the optical image stabilizer and the rear camera scene optimizer, which will make all the photos more clear. The new Galaxy Note is also able to detect the object you are focusing on and choose between its different scene modes (it has up to 21!) And fit it into its category: flowers, food, sunsets … And yes, we know that you like selfies, So do not worry! The front camera does not fall short with its 8 megapixels.

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6.Camera Samsung Galaxy Note9, At Full Volume!

The stereo speakers of this Smartphone have been manufactured together with AKG, so you will have a more realistic audio quality, identifying all kinds of tones, the most powerful bass, and the most delicate treble! Thanks to your Dolby Atoms speakers you will enjoy surround sound immersing yourself fully in the music you are playing!

7. Innovative Design

If you were surprised by the design of the latest Smartphone, you will be speechless with the new Note 9. One of the improvements of this device, for example, is the size of the screen, now even more infinite, since it is 6.4 ” And as in Samsung everything has a reason to be, we tell you the reason for the size of this screen, S Pen needs a custom writing surface !, and with this display fits perfectly. Iris and the rest of the sensors on top have been hidden so there is nothing to interrupt you.

8. New Design Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Extreme Resistance

If you have read the specifications of this new Note, few things will surprise you at this point, but we do not want to ignore its extreme resistance. If you want to try submerging your device a meter and a half deep, go ahead! Yes, Yes, go ahead !, since it is sealed from inside, offering maximum protection against water (and also against dust); It has an IP68 certificate that is based on immersion tests in fresh water, up to 1.5 meters deep for a maximum of 30 minutes! Anyway, you can read more information about this feature

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This is actually one of the best phones that Samsung company has ever made, there are many competitive companies that compete with Samsung like Oppo, and Huawei, and iPhone and Sony, but to be honest, Samsung is one of the best companies that manufactures incredible Smartphones, and most of the people already know this, that’s a given, if you can not afford to buy this new Smartphone, then you have other choices to buy other smartphones from Samsung as well.

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