Rhinoceros In Danger of Extinction


Rhinoceros In Danger of Extinction


The fact that the rhinoceros have no natural predators should mean that they are safe in their natural habitat, unfortunately, it is not like that at all, because humans have destroyed them and continue to do so, in massive quantities, humans kill the adult rhinoceros for their horns, they also occupy the natural habitat areas of this animal, which makes it very difficult for them to find enough food and water to survive


The International Rhinoceros Foundation is a key organization for the conservation of these animals, the exchange of information about the disappearance of the rhinoceros is one of the ways that help people get interested in their future, the adoption of laws that reduce the destruction of these habitats is also very important


Global awareness is paramount when it comes to the rhinoceros since they only live in the wild in Asia and Africa there is a lack of concern for them from many areas, today, the united nations, composed of representatives of many countries, is also involved in its protection, understanding that the balance of ecosystem present in these environments could be harmful if the rhinoceros is annihilated


Poaching remains the greatest threat to the future of the rhinoceros and conservation efforts focus on sanctuaries where these animals have protection and freedom to roam freely, in these sanctuaries these animals can get medical attention and help them find food and water to survive, the operating cost of these facilities is incredible

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Part of the rhino conservation efforts also includes getting stricter laws for those involved with poaching. The problem is that the workforce for this type of programs is often insufficient, providing sums of money as a reward to those who surrender poachers has been a great help


The inhabitants of these areas are generally poor people, desperate for money and, when someone is caught someone will take their place, it is very difficult to get to the root, and end poaching so well organized and profitable, the Chinese government has been complying with the conservation efforts of the rhinoceros, they continue to use the dust horns are various types of medicines, however they are not killing rhinoceroses to do so, they are using what they already have in inventory, they also use measures to obtain the horns without killing the animals


This can create problems in their natural habitat, females often do not mate with a male that does not have a horn, also, they can not fight against other males for territorial rights or mating, so this measure can keep these animals alive, but it is still not a solution with which animal rights groups are very happy, this movement is a step in the right direction, but the Chinese feel that they are not willing to give up their old traditions and stop using the rhino horns to make a variety or medicines


Estimates show that only about 14.000 rhinos remain in the wild, a compilation of the five species, most of those that remain to belong to the species of the white rhinoceros, it means that others are in serious danger of extinction if we do not do everything possible to protect their natural environment

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