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The Best Self-Help to Quit Smoking


Smoking is known that it’s a process of sniffing tobacco after burning as a type of self-Recreation, cigarettes are considered as the most common method comparing to other things, such as,  Shisha, hash, pipe, according to the statistics the number of smokers in the world is up to more than billion persons, knowing that history of smoking have been 5.000 years B.C. it’s used in the religious rituals, It quickly spread to become a real scourge for health organizations and government agencies, There are a lot of  smokers who are addicted to smoking tried to quit smoking repeatedly, then they got back to it after a short time, we’re going to talk about experienced ways by smokers to quit smoking.


Effects of smoking:

  •  Smokers get anxiety and a mood disorder, once they quit smoking, they leave a lot of social activities because of smoking, and there are many restaurants that don’t all smoking.

And there are some friends who are suffering from real healthy crises because of negative smoking, so the smokers prefer not to go to those restaurants or hang out with those kinds of friends due to smoking, this matter really forces them to be isolated and introvert.


  • The studies have proved that smoking is 87 % the reason of the infection of lung cancer, knowing that there are many of other diseases that infect it as well, such as Bladder vesicles, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

 Infection of heart, that’s because of Nicotine that hurts the numbers of its beats indirectly, plus it causes the blood pressure to be higher, it also infects with the heart attack.

  • It has a big potential to infect you with malignant tumors like Esophagus, larynx, pharynx, mouth, bladder, pancreas, liver, kidney, stomach, blood, permanent aging, your teeth turn out to be yellow. You will older than your real age. I think it doesn’t have one advantage to keep on smoking it.


Methods to quit smoking:

  • Determine the main reason for quitting smoking, ask your family to support you Morality, Moral support should be by reducing stress,
  • You should go on a trip and visit new places with your friends and family, don’t go to places contain smoking at all.
  • Go for a walk, Swim, play PlayStation, try to learn something new such as new language, or learn how to cook if you can’t.
  • talk to your friends on phone depend on taking pills that are related to quitting smoking such as Nicotine patches, nicotine blocks, nicotine sprays, and sublingual pills, all of these are authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration.,
  • As well as bupropion and varenicline, which require a doctor to be consulted before taking them?
  • Read the experiences of smokers who pulled it off and quitted smoking, you can do this by searching for videos, Google twitter accounts.
  • Get rid of lighters and matchsticks and all of the tobacco products, working out and playing sports increase the desire of quitting smoking,
  • It gives you the opportunity to be much better, but for those who don’t do all of these, they suffer a lot comparing for those who play sports, plus it reduces the potential of returning back to smoking 43 % percent    smoking1
  • Remember that smoking infects the health of your friends and family and it bothers them a lot
  • Remember that smoking is forbidden in all the religions because (god) gave us a grace which is the health,
  • We should keep it from getting worse to be able to please ( god ) and yourself and your family and friends.




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