Nicki Minaj New Album

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is dropping Her New Album

For those who don’t know ” Nicki Minaj”, she is a successful female rapper that started her career in 2007 but she was not so famous at that time, and finally she got the opportunity to drop her a Mixtape in 2009 “( Beam Me Up Scotty) was successful and she started to be recognized by everyone.


(New Album)


Many fans have been waiting for Nicki Minaj’s fourth album, she postponed dropping it 3 or 4 times so far, the reason is because she is doing her best to give her fans the best music and songs of all time, the first time she mentioned dropping her album was in a feature song with “Major Lazer” where she raps apart about her fourth album.

She says in this verse (about to drop an album and this is my fourth) well, we are all eager to listen to it, but it’s like it will be released on December.

2017 For Nicki Minaj was the best and the worst year at the same time, it was the best because she did a lot of features in many songs over 16 songs and it was bad because of her breakup with “Meek Mill”  add to that her beef with the female rapper “Remy Ma”


They had a lot going on in that year where “Nicki Minaj” dissed “Remy ma” in a feature with “Gucci Mane” called (Make love)” but “Remy ma” clapped back at her with “Sheather” in 48 hours only and the song is 7 minutes of dissing “Nicki Minaj”

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And after a couple of months “Nicki Minaj” dropped two songs (No Frauds) and (Regret In Your Tears) where she dissed (Remy Ma) and threw shots at her ex-boyfriend “Meek Mill, she talked about her relationship with him in (Regret In Your Tears)

Nicki Minaj has a beef with many female rappers in this industry and that’s because of her success they always start this beef with her because she is popping and she is requested by name.

She dropped her First album (Pink Friday) in 2010 where the album was very successful and it went platinum and it sold over 350 million copies and that is a very huge number! from that day until now she is the same successful and maybe more.

And after the success of (Pink Friday), she dropped her second album (Pink Friday Roman Reloaded) followed by “Pink Friday” and this album contained a lot of adorable well-known songs.

In 2014 she dropped her third album (The Pink Print) and it was hugely successful and she dropped this album after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend ” Safaree Samuels” and we are waiting for the fourth to be released this year (2018) for those who don’t know “Nicki Minaj” she writes all of her raps she doesn’t have a ghostwriter at all,

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