Miley Cyrus Throws Shade at Taylor Swift

Miley Cyrus - Taylor Swift

Miley Cyrus Throws Shade at Taylor Swift on Instagram

Taylor Swift is a really successful singer and she is popping in her field and what we all like about her is she is the one that writes her own songs, she doesn’t depend on any songwriters, because most of her songs are based on real stories of her life

Miley Cyrus - Taylor Swift2

Meily Cyrus is as successful as Taylor Swift, but I think she is not the one that writes her own songs, she might help the songwriter whenever she comes up with new Ideas; she is still young and has her way open for her to do more things in her life



Did Miley Cyrus really just throw shade at Taylor Swift?


Honestly you guys this one is a major stretch, but it is all in the name of “Britney Spears” so here is the story, late last week the New York Post created a headline on social media that said ( everything Britney did, Taylor does better, am I right? I have never seen a headline that wants to stir up the drama mill more and alas as you would imagine the drama, it did successfully create.

Miley Cyrus - Taylor Swift

I’m sure you guys are asking though,, what does this even have to do with “Miley Cyrus” and since when does she have a beef with anyone Miley’s literally the most chill person ever, she is still a cute girl  though, she did not mean it


Well here is the breakdown guys celebrity hairstylist “Justin Anderson” reposted a meme to his personal Instagram with the caption that read quote ( when JLo lols is da real highlight for me the meme is basically a meme-style video that the compilation of atomic celebrities including JLo cracking up at the claim that Taylor does everything better than Britney

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Honestly you guys I don’t even care what this meme is about, I dare you to watch this video which is making fun of Britney you will be cracking up after watching all of those laughs, Miley hit alike on that video


Miley Cyrus is very crazy, to be honest, and she used to wear weird outfits, and she would do a lot of things that are unbelievable, but now she’s back again, she is really a good singer and she has a really strong and pure voice by the way.


Meily Cyrus talked about Nicki Minaj badly in the press, and Nicki Minaj called her out at (VMA’s 2015), but Miley is so spontaneous, Nick Minaj said (Meily What’s good ), anyways what do you guys think about Miley throwing shade at Taylor Swift, it takes a matter of time, maybe Taylor is not upset with what happened, she is open-minded

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