LG G7, Analysis

LG G7 3

LG G7, Analysis


Although some of us expected that the LG V30S family was the only one chosen this year by LG in its roadmap of franchise and high-end phone brand representative, here we have a new LG G7 that replaces in the windows of the world a powerful, interesting and convincing pair to fight to be the best Smartphone of 2018. It is the turn of the LG G7 ThinQ in the analysis of Engadget.


LG G7: More Screen, More Comfortable In Hand


At this point in the history of the G family of the Korean manufacturer, we will not discover its excellent work in favor of reducing frames to the minimum expression. With the whole market pursuing the same idea that LG has been working for generations, it is not easy to maintain the type. But the LG G7 achieves it with one more step that this time brings with it some peculiarity.


At the global design level, there are no surprises. The crystal is the total protagonist of the body of this LG G7, topped with a slight curvature but which gives a very attractive appearance and emphasizes the roundness and general softness that transmits both the eyes and touch the design of the LG G7. To emphasize also the metallic frame perfectly integrated.


If the LG G7 visually I find it very interesting (the only downside is that in some markets like America we do not have very attractive tones like purple), managing it offers us an even better experience. Despite the use of glass and its good diagonal, the LG G7 does not slip dangerously from the hand when you fret, showing again that LG has taken the point to the compaction effectively.


Although It Is Increasingly Difficult To Stand Out, the LG G7 Maintains An Excellent Design In Finish, Dimensions, And Grip In Hand


That it is not easy to get out of hand adds something to the always worrying sensation of the fragility of the glass terminals, which is what this LG G7 aims for. In the time that we have been using it intensely, no scare or any sign that with little use or situations such as handbags with keys and other passes especially invoice. LG boasts military resistance certification (MIL-STD 810G), Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both the rear and screen, as well as IP68 protection profile for water and dust.


That resistance to water is an ally for those who want to have the terminal always clean. The glass back, like all on the market, is a magnet for fingerprints and grease on the hands. LG includes a cloth to clean it, but in this time with the terminal using it every day, the prints are only seen with some angles of incidence of light. I do not really consider it a problem.

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Regarding the connections, we have the already standard USB-C charging port and a very pleasant surprise: the 3.5 mm headphone port is maintained. What this means we will talk about in the indispensable sound section of this LG G7 ThinQ.


Fingerprint Reader And Our Face To Identify Yourself Safely

LG G7 2

An important novelty at the design level is that, despite being the laid of the fingerprint reader with a power button on the back, LG changes its mind on this G7 ThinQ and separates the buttons. The fingerprint reader remains in the back, a classic in LG, but the on / off switch is located on the side, which makes it easier not to have to take the terminal of the table to activate the screen (or double tap) on the screen that we can enable). Having handled many models of the G series since its inception, at first it is somewhat strange not to have that button in the fingerprint reader, but it is a matter of very little time to get used to it.


The LG G7 Enters The Select Club Of The terminals In Which What Works Best Is The Combination Of Fingerprint Reader And Face Identification.


From the fingerprint reader, it is necessary to comment that it is located in an area where we will put the finger naturally and without forcing it at all, although for the first time I have to say that the first days of use on more than one occasion I ended up touching the lower chamber. With this level of compaction, it is perhaps time for manufacturers who choose to keep the fingerprint reader in the back, decide to modify the configuration of the interior of their phones to move the double camera slightly to one side and avoid remaining in the line and so close to the fingerprint sensor.


Both the registration of the fingerprint and the identification is fast, there is hardly any difference with direct rivals and to use it, it is enough to place the finger on the fingerprint and a small vibration indicates that the fingerprint has been recognized. Unlocking the terminal occurs without the need for the screen to be activated, which is always appreciated because it saves us some time in a gesture that we repeat many times throughout the day.


Along with the identification by fingerprint, the LG G7 admits incorporating our face to securely access the phone.

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The Usual Simplicity of The Sides of LG Phones Is Broken In This G7 With The Passage of The Power Button To The Right Side And The Stellar Appearance of A Button For Google Assistant On The Left


An interesting point of the facial recognition of the LG G7 is that, if we want, we can choose not to slide the lock screen once identified and that the entry to the Android system is automatic if the phone recognizes us. This mode of operation is not activated all the time, but it does so when it detects, thanks to the accelerometer, that we lift the terminal to place it in front of the face. So, when we take the LG G7 from the table and pick it up in front of us when we have it in front of us, the system has already identified us. In any case, face scanning and identification always start when we activate the screen, something that happens for example when on the table, we double-tap and face the terminal.


In general, the face recognition system works correctly even in dark environments, but we still need to keep it active along with the fingerprint identification so that on a day-to-day basis, unlocking the terminal is something natural and not forced or exasperating.


Not content with this double biometric identification system, the LG G7 also includes voice recognition so that, using a word or phrase, the system recognizes us. After testing it and seeing that its correct functioning was given in quite silent environments and, it must be admitted, being still little given to go talking to the phone aloud when there are identification systems infinitely more comfortable (and safe), we put it aside. But there it is for those who are curious.


Snapdragon 845 For Better Performance Than The Numbers Indicate


We have spoken many times in Engadget, especially in the analysis of the high-end, that at this level, when we talk about performance, the numbers are only an addition to the experience. The LG G7 is a new example.


It is true that the LG G7 comes to the market with a brand-new Snapdragon 845, but reviewing its data sheet, surprise it’s 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory in the serial model. There we found one of the differences with the LG V30S model, which in both sections, like other high-end, opts for at least 6 GB of RAM and even 128 GB of internal memory. There is an LG G7 model with more RAM and internal memory, but not in all markets.

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With A Screen That Is Not OLED And A Diagonal of More Than 6 Inches, The 3000 mAh Battery Capacity Is Scarce


According to our experience these days of use of the LG G7, an intensive user will have it difficult to reach the end of the day on a regular basis. There have been several days, especially testing the camera, in which we received the low battery warning in the middle of the afternoon so that we could make decisions. In the quieter days, but still intense in social networks, mail, videos and messaging, at the end of the day we have been reaching below 15%, a dangerous figure that makes us not to forget the charger or an external battery in our backpack. In terms of screen hours, the average has been at a discrete 4.5-5 hours.


That little battery capacity is somewhat compensated by the loading speed. Here we have QuickCharge 3.0 with compatible serial charger. The load figures of our tests are not the fastest we have measured in the high range but they are very close. From 10% to 50% with activated data / Wi-Fi we have used an average of 38 minutes, and for the full load you must have 1 hour and 25 minutes. For those interested, there is also Qi wireless charging.


Double High-Level Camera

LG G7 1

That little battery capacity is somewhat compensated by the loading speed. Here we have QuickCharge 3.0 with compatible serial charger. The load figures of our tests are not the fastest we have measured in the high range but they are very close. From 10% to 50% with activated data / Wi-Fi we have used an average of 38 minutes, and for the full load, you must have 1 hour and 25 minutes. For those interested, there is also Qi wireless charging.


With these conditions, the LG G7 maintains the double sensor that we have previously called “the most creative market”: one main and another wide angle (107 degrees). Although the idea is the same, there are new features in these two sensors.


The most drastic effects the wide angle, which, although it remains so, now only reaches 107 degrees compared to 125 degrees of the LG G6. This leads us to some photos with less distortion at the ends and as we will see. Are quite better than in previous generations both in detail (now 16 MP) and quality (from f2.4 we passed to a promising f1.9 in situations of low light). If LG had given him the extra of a stabilization system they would have embroidered it.


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