LeBron James has a Powerful message for his son’s haters


LeBron James has a Powerful message

LeBron son nicknamed Bronny James is a national champ that’s right, Bronny and his team the blue chips won the untied states basketball association national championship, and guess who is all up in the stands watching a cake coaching yup, pops LeBron James, Bronny and the blue chips put on a show


If you were a son of a great man it can be hard living up to his expectations or growing up in the shadow but that is not the case for Bronny the little dude is proving that he is his father’s son, living up to the big game the blue chips eliminated the Alabama Hopper’s 84 to 59, then Ronnie James led his team to a blowout win 89 to 32 over the Connecticut select


Finally, chips beat Chris Paul’s team to take it all with the thrilling 75 to 71 win over time, we all know that LeBron James is actually the head coach whatever team he is on, just ask Tyroon lue who was just promoted to the head coach of the Cleveland Caves after LeBron left the Lakers just joking


Some things just never changed Congrats Bronny on your win, he is only 13 years old by the way, and he is about to enter eighth grade, I can not wait to see his growth.


Lebron responded to his son’s win with a couple of pictures on Instagram, he said (great weekend for the James’s Gang two national championships I can’t be more proud of my boys this weekend and their respective teams, congrats to you all that is a part of North Carolina blue chips family, oh and we definitely hear haters trying to derail us but in the words of the great Sean Diddy Combs can’t stop won’t stop.)

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There you go Bronny James haters, I am just hoping for two things that NBA kills the wind unroll and players can enter the NBA right after high school because honestly what is the point for elite talent to go to college for only one year, if programs really cared about their education, they would make them get a degree

Bronny James

So kill the one in done the rule and my second hope is that Lebron James would physically be to last that long to one day play with or against his son, LeBron is currently 33 and Bronny is 13 years old, but I’m not the only person hoping this will happen


But it is something very good and makes any dad over the moon when he sees the success that he his son is achieving, the best thing in this is Bronny James takes after his dad, he is going to be internationally more successful as soon as he grows up

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