Kylie Jenner Reveals Details


Kylie Jenner Reveals Details on Baby Stormi’s Extravagant 1st Birthday Party!

Count on Kylie Jenner to throw her baby a party cooler and more expensive than one you will ever throw yourself, she just dished some details about Stormi’s first birthday, apparently Kylie got partying on her mind, and when I say partying I don’t mean the kind most kids in their 20s do like throwing back shots and eating drunk pizza at 3:00 am, I’m referring to the birthday kind of partying for a baby, Yeah the cosmetics queen is already planning baby Stormi’s first birthday and last month Kylie Jenner revealed that it is going to be epic our other host Madison told you about that but now we got some more information to share with you


is it just me or does it seem like literally an hour ago that Kylie gave birth to her daughter, somehow the most famous baby in the world is already half a year old, Kylie talked on her Twitter account, to commiserate with other moms who have babies that grow away too quickly, and she wrote, Stormi will be 6 months in 6 days.. How did this happen? moms, do your babies grow as fast as mine?”‘ time is flying people which is why Kylie is also on a mission to get Stormi’s first birthday party underway even though there is still another six months to go


I guess celebrating her grandma MJ’s 86th birthday the day before yesterday inspired the Lipcott mogul because she has been dishing about her daughter’s big day, so last month she said the baby bash will be epic and now our girls gone on record to say the Fiesta’s quote’ It’s about to be lit, epic lit not words typically associated with the first birthday party, but hey I guess when you are Kylie Jenner extra is the name of the game, so that’s left me wondering what will the theme be”

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Kylie Jenner reveals that North and P took her original idea which was supposed to be magical unicorns so I decided I would help her out with a little creative ideas of my own, I’m thinking of a county fair type would be a lot of fun complete with a merry-go-round and cotton candy machines a bouncy house and a Ferris wheel, my mom threw me a birthday party like that and even though I was young but I have not forgotten it, maybe an under the sea theme would go over well with all the other baby guests, mermaid-themed dessert table pool part the ideas are endless


But you also have to think. Kim’s baby Chicago turns one before Stormi, so if Kim takes any of Kylie’s potential ideas that means Kylie is back to square one with party planning, let the battle of the baby’s first birthdays begin, unfortunately for us we are going to be left guessing until the big day because Kylie let us all know on her Twitter account that the theme is going to be a surprise

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