Know the rules of professional life

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Know the rules of professional life

Ordinary everyday life and professional working life are two completely different stages. The principles of professional life do not only refer to the professionalism of a person but also give him a good impression


Nevertheless, if you ignore or ignore this prefix, you will be left with a bad impression for other people, who can certainly cause damage to your business and future


So why not recognize these rules so that we can avoid embarrassment in professional life?

professional life

Stand updating time


“When you’re sitting, it’s easy to be ignored by anyone, but standing out highlights your personality


Tell your full name


If you are in a business event, introduce yourself and say your full name but remember something important. It depends on how others will tell you their name. If they say their name abbreviated, follow the same principle


Give your hand to shake hands


If you are a guest or meet fewer people than you, be the first to reach out to shake hands. Sometimes, many people hesitate to shake hands, and in this case, give your hand without any hesitation or fluctuation and shake hands with enthusiasm.


Barbara Beecher said that shaking hands in America is an important principle of action


Attention to clothes


Should you care about your clothes when you are in a meeting or a professional event, sometimes there is special clothing in a business event that is usually written in the public invitation to the event and there are strict restrictions on these clothes

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If you are not notified in formal attire, you should know in which location and what clothes to wear at that event. In these professional meetings, certain clothes are always worn and reflect your responsibility


Thank you once


Use the word “Thank you” once or twice while you are talking, the excessive use of thanks shows your need too much



Thank you letter

Send a thank-you note to anyone who has participated in an event within 24 hours after the event and if this message by email will be much better, the purpose of this letter is to thank those people and guests too, for whom they enjoyed a wonderful evening.


Keep your phone away

Close your phone during a business meeting or at least do not use it while chatting or interviewing someone. If you sit at a table that does not place your phone on the table, it leaves the impression that you can ignore the person sitting in front of you at any time for a call or message.


Use of professional social media


Create your own account on any of the social networking sites such as “Linkdin” and others that show your responsibility and the image must be clear to your face.


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Avoid using your personal account for work, which shows your personal photos like a dinner with the family or a picnic on the beach

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A real email address

You should avoid emailing such things as “Prince-Princess-Doll-Your Birth Date-Your Burger Name” and so on. The email address must be your name or associated with the name of the organization you work in.



Avoid friendly words


Avoid sending an email or a message with unprofessional text or words like “Hello-You” but use “Hello” instead


Recognition of forgetting someone’s name


According to Barbara Beecher, there is nothing wrong with admitting that you have forgotten someone’s name in your office


Meet everyone in the office

Smile to everyone on your way to your office and pay a salute as well. Perhaps the person you meet in the elevator or lobby will meet at an important meeting


If you deal well with him before that meeting, he will leave a good impression on you. If anyone praises you, you must also greet him – this is a basic principle –


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Use hands during conversation


Do not use the index finger while talking at the meeting. This shows control, use your fingers together and move them in the air instead


Do not arrive late

Your arrival late on the meeting or event shows that you are not responsible, and you should avoid it. If it occurs and delays, it must be within the limits as well, and disclose the reason for your delayed delay in shortening and sitting on your seat


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Do not pull the chair to anyone


It is common that when you go to dinner someone pulls out the chair for men, women or older people and suggests that they sit down first but that should be avoided at any meeting, there is nothing wrong with opening the door to anyone in the meeting but it is better to pull each person his own chair


Do not ask for expensive things


Asking for expensive things at a business dinner means taking advantage of your host’s generosity. Try asking for things that everyone wants


Food bill


If you invite someone to a business or meeting dinner, remember that you are the host here and that paying the bill is your responsibility, and on this occasion, it is best to pay the bill alone after the meeting ends



Time to leave


When you leave that event, you should tell your guest or host official phrases such as “I’m glad to meet you or have the honor to know you”. These are the best sentences on this occasion


If you want to leave quickly, please confirm that you are busy with something as if you have to go to another meeting or have an activity with the family. This method will help you build the best experience for you

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