Kim Kardashian Banks $5 Million Dollars

Kimoji Fragrances1

Kim Kardashian Banks $5 Million Dollars In Five Minutes After Kimoji Fragrance,

Of course, you all know who “Kim Kardashian” is, she is one of the biggest celebrities ever, and she is about her business and makes a lot of money moves, so much so she had banked 5 million dollars in five minutes that’s unbelievable, guys she is doing her own thing like, she is getting lots of money. we have to admit that she is a really smart woman

Kimoji Fragrances

Leave it to Kim, Kim Kardashian-west just launched her second line of “Kimoji Fragrances and much like the first they quite the hit, to say the least, Kim’s new line of “Kimoji Fragrances consists of three new perfumes “Kimoji Cherry and Kimoji Peach and Kimoji vibes.


All the three fragrances first available exclusively to the (KKW Pop-up shop in Los Angeles on the 14th) and then they are available on the website for everybody else on Tuesday “Aka world emoji day, that is very fitting for the product, now the only advertising Kim had really done for her new life of fragrances was through social media.

Because she already has a lot of fans on the social media that got her back and the most important thing is that they always back her up whenever she wants to promote for a new product, she is really amazing and she feels great feeling the love of her fans.


Kim even sent some friends and family members a few freebies and they then shared their thoughts on their Instagram and apparently that’s all Kim needed because her fragrances did not just sell, her new line made a casual 5 million in the first five minutes that kind of success is not unfamiliar to Kim.

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However since her cosmetic launch racked up 14 million, so multi-million dollar launches are kind of her thing, Kim celebrated her kimoji fragrance launched in typical Kim K fashion AKA by posting a picture on Instagram, just yesterday she put up a hot picture in lingerie with her three new fragrances by her side, now these fragrances are limited edition so you are going to want to snag them while you can.

Kimoji Fragrances

Kim Kardashian is being a successful businesswoman as she is being the same successful woman in her own TV reality show “The Kardashian’s” it started in October 14th in 2007 and then it started popping, and everyone loved so much so they made 15 seasons so far which is fabulous, to be honest

She keeps selling millions of products, as the press says that her sister “Kylie Jenner” became a millionaire, because she sells cosmetic products on her website, like wow this family is so successful, I mean everyone is in their own lane getting money, so best wishes to them, may God bless them.

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