Justin Bieber still has Selena Gomez Tattoo


Justin Bieber still has Selena Gomez Tattoo on his arm, “Hailey Baldwin”

As you all know that “Justin and Selena” had a really great love relationship in the past few years, they were an amazing couple, but unfortunately, they broke up together, but after Justin Bieber got engaged to Haley Baldwin, everyone kept talking about that on the social media and how “Selena felt and reacted to his engagement, and all of that stuff.


But you know what, I think they were not meant to be together, maybe after their marriage, they would not feel happy and would have many serious problems between the both of them anyway congratulations for Justin

We now know how “Haley Baldwin” feels about her fiancé “Justin Bieber’s still having this famous “Selena Gomez” Tattoo, plus the steps he is talking to reassure her, she is his number one girl.

If the woman I was marrying had a tattoo of her on and off again ex-boyfriend, I would be booking her an appointment at the nearest shop to get it covered up as fast as possible, but does “Haley Baldwin feel the same way?

Well, I have all the answers you know last week, “Haley” confirmed her engagement on social media, everyone has been pointing out that “Justin still has his Tattoo for “Selena” and it’s oddly right above where his wedding ring will go!

Just like fans couldn’t help but cringe at that thought, it sounds like “Haley” and

Everyone in her life is well aware of the Tattoo problem; a source close to Haley spoke to “Hollywood life” and said quote

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(It’s not an idea of the situation there’s this constant reminder of “Selena” right there on his arm) everyone can admit it’s awkward in order to avoid that awkwardness with my family and everyone in the world.

Haley is not like a drama queen who would always like to argue with her fiancé so just bear in mind that she does not care about the tattoo because she already knows that she is in “Justin’s heart not on his arm though.

For starters he is reassuring her verbally the source said that Justin has said all the right things to make “Haley” feel better, the source said quote.  The tattoo is his past and she is the one he has chosen for his future)

The source continued sharing that “Justin plans on getting a tattoo for just her, and the two might even get something matching here soon because we have learned from love couples that matching tats is a great idea, to be honest


Aside from that did you all see “Justin’s Instagram over the weekend hold PDA PEOPLE? he posted a picture of him kissing Haley, it looks like he wanted to tease somebody

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